Training Video Footage

Final Drill

At the end of class every participant must complete the final drill based on a scenario/threat that she feels may be her worst fear.  In the event that she has difficulty thinking of one our instructors will role play based on his decision.

In the following footage you will see several different assaults taking place whereas it is imperative for her to either de-escalate the situation and get to safety or she must ward off the attack if a physical altercation should arise and get to safety.  Keep in mind that the physical aspect of personal safety/self-defense is NOT to go ten rounds with an assailant.  A victim will “stun and run”; she sees/feels her window opportunity to fight back and to escape.

She must:

Be aware of her surroundings at all times.

Know her exits at all times.

Read her assailant’s body language, facial expressions and listen to the verbalization taking place in order to react/respond quickly and swiftly.

She must form a mental blueprint in her mind her assailant’s appearance whether he is a total stranger or someone she knows.  Appearance includes hair length, color of hair, texture of hair, shape of eyes, color of eyes (glasses or not), nose, mouth, facial hair, height, approximate weight, clothing, shoes, location/address of assault, time of assault, date of assault, weapon or objects used, make/model of automobile/license plate number if applicable, direction in which he fled.  She knows that she will be required to recapture as much pertinent data and will be required to provide a narrative of the assault to the reporting police officers.

She must attempt to de-escalate the situation verbally and non-verbally by using the skills that she has been taught.

If her assailant physically attempts to or assaults her she will use every defense tactic taught to escape with the least amount of physical harm that is possible.


Assaulted by grabbing head/hair demo.

Assault from behind demo.

Assault by arm being grabbed demo.

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