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NC (North Carolina) Stop Human Trafficking!

June 3, 2011 Comments off

NC Stop Human Trafficking is a statewide organization whose mission is to eradicate modern day slavery in all its forms. NC Stop Human Trafficking works to fight human trafficking on multiple levels following the P.A.V.E. model: Prevention, Advocacy, Victim Services and Education/awareness.  NC Stop works through connecting and supporting individuals, community-based and faith-based organizations, non-governmental and governmental organizations. We focus on collaboration and communication between all groups to be efficient and effective. NC Stop strives to create opportunities for community members to become involved in the fight to stop human trafficking that are fulfilling and appropriate for each member.

We have active member groups in Wilmington, Greenville, Fayetteville, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Burlington, Greensboro, Charlotte and Asheville. We also have members who are students at NC State, UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke University, UNC- Greensboro, and UNC-Charlotte. Email if you live near these areas and would like to meet with groups in your area and learn how to be involved.

Perceived factors leading to human trafficking:

– Non-identification of trafficking situations by law enforcement and community members

– Lack of awareness and education in the general public and direct service providers

– Vulnerability to exploitation due to isolation, abuse/neglect, low self esteem, poverty

– Victims have little to no knowledge of, or access to, alternatives and resources available

– Normalization of degradation and violence against women and children

– Normalization of exploitation and devaluation of human life

– Little deterrence on the demand side – lack of adequate consequences for offenders

– Lack of follow up programs, effective counseling and alternative placement for victims

– Broken foster care and social work system – runaway/throwaway and homeless youth are the highest risk group

– Lack of collaboration and communication between government, NGO, faith- and community-based groups

NC Stop Human Trafficking’s core areas of focus of Prevention, Advocacy, Victim Services, and Education/Awareness (P.A.V.E. model) are designed to address these problems. We seek to work through existing organizations first through providing training on issues and program development, then plan to fill in gaps as needed. In this way we choose to collaborate and effect communication across all borders for the common purpose of ending human trafficking.


Protect and educate the vulnerable to reduce risk of exploitation

Work to reduce and eliminate contributing factors of isolation, abuse/neglect, low self-esteem and poverty through mentorships, capacity building, life-skills education, parenting training, etc.

Ensure access to resources and options in life.

Work to expose and reduce normalization of degradation, violence, exploitation and devaluation.

Education/Awareness focus will also help with prevention – education to at-risk population

Educate young people on what a healthy relationship looks like, how to spot exploitation, who to turn to for help, technology and bullying – how to cope, education for boys as well as girls

Address foster care/social work system


Advocate for tougher penalties for traffickers and end users – Washington state law – cars impounded/ $5000 fine, john school

Support legislation that funds programs for victims – shelter, education, food, therapy, etc

Raise awareness that there is no such thing as a child prostitute – anyone under 18 is a victim – consent is off the table

Advocate for reduced penalties (or none – based on Sweden model) for prostitutes and FUNDED alternative programs in exchange for lesser sentences

Change prostitution laws in NC

Prostitution charges acquired before age 18 can be struck off record – NY state law

Victim Services –

Shelter – security

Health Care



Personal Hygiene


Life coaching

Legal Services – including immigration processing if needed

Alternative life choices – training and support needed

Long term support system and reintegration into society – love and support – effective follow up and follow through

Education/Awareness –

Civic organizations and associations with a service mission

NGO/Non profits with a service mission – esp focusing on women and children’s health, safety, welfare, etc

Faith based organizations and churches


Anyone in contact with at risk youth – social workers, guidance counselors, school nurses, teachers existing mentorship programs such as Boys and Girls Club etc, Planned Parenthood, foster parents, adoption/fostering networks, malls, movie theaters, social media, etc –

Law Enforcement




General Public

You can get connected to the coalition through our Google group, where members can communicate with each other and share information, and also through our Facebook group.

  • Want to find out how you can be a part of North Carolina’s abolitionist movement? Email us at, tell us where you’re from, and we’ll see how we can get you hooked in!
  • Know something that you think should be shared on this blog? Email us!

RALEIGH – U.S. National Committee for UN Women – 2011 National Conference

When: Saturday, June 11, 2011

Time: 9:00am – 5:30pm / Reception Afterward

Location:Witherspoon Student Center, North Carolina State University, 2810 Cates Ave, Raleigh, NC


Via NC Stop Human Trafficking 

Take care and STAY SAFE!





Anti-Trafficking Strategic Tip: Go After the Landlords and Property Owners!

May 17, 2010 Comments off

Anti-Trafficking Strategic Tip: Go After the Landlords and Property Owners!

by Bradley Myles

The Polaris Project

As many people in the anti-trafficking field know, commercial-front “massage parlors” throughout the United States can sometimes be a cover for illegal prostitution activity and also for human trafficking.  These places have one reason of staying in business, the profits, and the profits only come from one place, the johns.  These businesses cater to johns, and sadly, there are so many people who buy sex that it’s easy to understand why the massage parlors stay open at all costs.  There’s just too much money to be made from the johns.

Who are the johns that are driving the existence of these massage parlor brothels?  The frequent customer base includes middle to upper class men who visit the brothels for a variety of reasons, including a perceived lack of risk and a belief in the low likelihood of being arrested by law enforcement.  Johns who go to these places often call themselves “hobbyists,” implying that they have taken it on as a “hobby” to buy commercial sex from vulnerable women.  Appalling.  What sort of world do we live in when patriarchy and male entitlement have grown to such a point where certain men take it on as a “hobby” to buy women?

It wouldn’t be accurate or fair to try and make the claim that human trafficking is occurring in every single “massage parlor,” but a significant number of instances where human trafficking has been identified is cause for serious concern.

It’s time to shut down the “massage parlors” for good, but do it right and do it carefully.  There’s a way to shut them down by encouraging law enforcement to spend the majority of their time and resources on the people in positions of the most power and privilege, including the johns, the mamasans, the business owners, and especially, the landlords and property owners.

Very rarely does the manager of a massage parlor seek to buy or own the building in which the business operates.  The risk of law enforcement raids is too high and it’s not worth the long-term investment.  So, they rent.  This means that brothels where human trafficking is potentially occurring are renting from legitimate landlords and property owners.

These landlords and property owners would prefer to keep it a secret: that their monthly rent check is coming from a brothel, maybe even in cash.  Surely, the landlords have a lot to lose, not to mention their reputation, or business from other tenants.  They may even face criminal charges.

So, as our movement grows and becomes more strategic, I think it’s time to put the landlords on notice and let them know that their days of benefiting financially from brothels and human trafficking are coming to an end.

Shaniya Davis: McNeill Charged with First-Degree Murder and First-Degree Rape of a Child!!!!

November 19, 2009 2 comments



FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Three days after finding the body of 5-year-old Shaniya Nicole Davis in rural Lee County, Fayetteville police charged a family acquaintance Thursday in her death.

Mario Andrette McNeill, 29, of 2613 Pine Springs Drive, was charged with first-degree murder and first-degree rape of a child. He surrendered to police last Friday after the release of hotel security video that appeared show to him carrying Shaniya on the morning of her disappearance.

He has been held in isolation at the Cumberland County Detention Center on a first-degree kidnapping charge since that time.

Antoinette Nicole Davis reported her daughter missing from their home, at 1116-A Sleepy Hollow Drive, Nov. 10.

In an affidavit for a warrant to search McNeill’s 1997 Mitsubishi Galant, investigators said McNeill told them he picked Shaniya up in front of her home and drove her to the hotel.  This IS NOT WHAT DAVIS TOLD THE DISPATCHER according to the tape of the 911 call to report Shaniya missing.

Davis, 25, was arrested Saturday and charged with human trafficking, felony child abuse–prostitution, filing a false police report and obstructing a police investigation. Arrest warrants state that Davis “did knowingly provide Shaniya with the intent that she be held in sexual servitude” (sexual slavery) and she “did permit an act of prostitution with Shaniya.”

Despite the arrests, there was no word of Shaniya’s whereabouts until Sunday, when police said they had obtained reliable information that her body had been dumped in the woods off N.C. Highway 87 near the Lee-Harnett county line.

After extensive searches Sunday and Monday, volunteer searchers found her body about 100 feet off Walker Road on Monday afternoon.

Police Chief Tom Bergamine said a preliminary autopsy report shows Shaniya died of asphyxiation but testing has not yet been completed, a final autopsy report has not been released.

Since then, authorities have struggled to resolve jurisdictional questions over who would handle the murder case. Prosecutors must prove where the girl was killed to establish legal jurisdiction to prosecute someone on a murder charge.

Prosecutors in Cumberland and Lee counties met for four hours Wednesday to discuss the issue, and Fayetteville police and Cumberland County District Attorney Ed Grannis met again Thursday to discuss the case.

The Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office finally took the lead on the case, resulting in the murder charge against McNeill.  Now we will wait to see if murder charges are brought against “Mommy Dearest”, Shaniya was in her custody at the time of the murder and SHE MADE THE ARRANGEMENTS TO SURRENDER THIS BEAUTIFUL CHILD.  As North Carolina carries the death penalty by lethal injection – “shoot” them both up!

Was girl payment for drug debt?

Investigators were trying to determine whether Davis might have given her daughter up to settle a drug debt, said Theresa Chance, spokeswoman for the Fayetteville Police Department.

“Lots of people are saying that, so it’s part of the investigation,” Chance said Thursday.

She declined to comment on whether Davis owed money to McNeill.

Funeral arrangements for Shaniya weren’t complete Thursday.

Residents of the Sleepy Hollow Mobile Home Park where she lived with Davis planned a Thursday night prayer service to remember Shaniya.


Based on the following alleged information Shaniya Davis was failed by many:

  • prior DSS documentation regarding Antoinette’s 7 year-old son
  • reports that the mother’s home had been previously raided finding drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Shaniya’s school system allegedly failed to report to authorities or notify her father that her mother removed her from school in October


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Antoinette Nicole Davis appears in court

November 17, 2009 Comments off

Can you as a mother…………….a parent even fathom the thought of handing over your child to a pimp to get raped and sodomized, selling her child to human trafficking most likely for drug money?  Did she sell her child for a rock of crack?  And who wouldn’t like to wipe the smug look off of McNeill’s face?  I can certainly think of many right now.

Human trafficking stats, source:  Polaris Project

  • 244,000 American children are at risk of child and commercial sexual exploitation
  • 38,600 of approximately 1.6million runaways and thrown away youth are at risk of sexual endangerment and exploitation
  • 12-14 is the average age of first involvement in prostitution
  • 27 million currently in modern-day slavery globally
  • 800,000 trafficked across international borders annually
  • over 161 countries experience trafficking
  • $32 billion is generated in profits from human trafficking

Antoinette Davis turned her own innocent child over to human trafficking monsters for her own selfishness, in reality she killed her child because she sold her child and is ultimately responsible for her murder.   She may not have physically performed the deed, however she is and must be held accountable for Shaniya’s murder.  We have learned also that Antoinette Davis is infact pregnant!  It is not known who the father of the unborn child is to date.

Antoine Davis has been charged in North Carolina with two felony charges and two misdemeanor charges:

  • human trafficking was a class C felony punishable by 261 months in prison
  • felony child abuse for prostitution as it carries a class E felony offering 8 months in prison
  • two misdemeanor charges against her that could carry 60 days each

Additional felony charges are pending upon the formal autopsy report as to the cause of death.  Should she be charged with felony murder she could face the death penalty by lethal injection as North Carolina carries the death penalty.

As Antoinette Davis entered the courtroom of the Cumberland County Detention Center wearing a light tan jail jumpsuit, her eyebrows were that of a confused individual.  Antoinette licked her lips in constant motion as many would during a drug withdraw.  She grew semi-alert when the Judge spoke.

In the days to come when Antoinette Davis might begin to become semi-aware of her actions, many wonder just why a mother could do such a thing to a beautiful daughter.

There is no pity for her actions – she was given a chance to be a “mother” and it only took a month or less for her true colors to shine through.

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Shaniya Davis – Precious Angel’s body has been found……………..

November 16, 2009 2 comments

shyina and woods

SANFORD, NC (WTVD) — Police Monday found the body of missing 5-year-old who has been the focus of a nationwide Amber Alert .

The child’s remains were located in an area bordered by Highway 87 south and Walker Road – just south of Sanford – during a second day of searching.

Fayetteville police spokesperson, Theresa Chance said the body of a child was located about 100 feet off the road. She said Shaniya Davis’ family would be called on to make a positive identification. Another news conference was scheduled for later this afternoon.

Davis was last seen alive at a Comfort Suites hotel in Sanford last week – the same morning her mother reported her missing from her Fayetteville home. Police say a surveillance video from the hotel showed the child with 29-year-old Mario McNeill.

The area where police found Shaniya’s body is about 7 miles from the hotel from where Shaniya was last seen on the video surveillance.

A Facebook page was set up Monday for people to leave messages for the family and talk about the tragedy.

At the time this alert was sent out – many stopped, shook our heads, shed tears going silent.

When a loved one is missing you always hold out hope that just perhaps someone may have the victim, come to their senses and release him/her to freedom.   Unfortunately, statistics reveal quite the opposite.  This is extremely troubling, confusing and leave all for a loss of words.

Children are totally innocent and they have no voice as to their safety and what parents may do to them.  Shaniya was totally innocent and her death is a selfish act by individuals that have no remorse.  Anyone that could or would harm an innocent child is truly scum.  I know that so many advocates and parents have these same feelings, it is imperative to continue to bring attention to this epidemic – “human/child trafficking and  child prostitution“.

Every  child wants/needs/deserves security and to be loved unconditionally.  Children are a Gift from God.  Children are totally innocent and anyone that harms a child deserves to be punished to the utmost.

Unfortunately, Shaniya’s case is not unique in some respects, according to child advocates; but part of a social epidemic that authorities are addressing.  For far too long in America, the attitude toward child trafficking has been that it’s terrible, but happens somewhere else.  Guess what……it’s happening right in our communities, streets, homes, cities/towns right here in the United States.

Shaniya is with our Lord and Savior.  No more pain, no more tears.

Forever in our thoughts and prayers Shaniya.  Finally at peace.

God saw you

God saw you getting tired.

So he wrapped his arms around you, and whispered, “come to me”.

You didn’t deserve what you went through, so he gave you rest.

God’s garden must be beautiful, he only takes the best.

And when found sleeping,  so peaceful and free from pain

No one could wish you back to suffer again.


In Loving Memory – Shaniya Davis


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Shaniya Davis…..Police resume search Monday, 7am Walker Road, Hwy 87, Sanford, NC

November 16, 2009 Comments off

SHIYNA DAVISSANFORD, NC (WTVD) — Police said they will continue a search of the Highway 87 corridor from Spring Lake to Sanford Monday morning. Fayetteville police confirmed Sunday that they were searching on the ground for the missing 5-year-old girl. Chopper 11 footage showed dozens of officers and a Fayetville forensics truck on the scene Sunday afternoon.

Officers were searching Sunday near Walker Road off Highway 87 in the Sanford area.

Sanford is about 40 miles north of Fayetteville. Police did not say if they were looking for a body or if they hoped to find Shaniya Davis alive.

Witnesses told ABC11 Eyewitness News they saw officers searching a ravine in that area at around 10 a.m, Sunday. A State Highway Patrol official confirms their helicopter also aided in the search.

News of the search came a day after Shaniya’s mother Antoinette Davis, 25, was charged in her disappearance Tuesday.

Davis is charged with human trafficking, felony child abuse, prostitution, filing a false police report, and resisting, delaying, or obstructing police.

On Friday, 29-year-old Mario Andrette McNeill was also charged in the case. Police said McNeill was taken into custody after they got a tip from a hotel in Sanford that he had been there with Davis the same morning her mother reported her missing. Detectives said surveillance video at the Comfort Inn showed the man carrying the girl towards an elevator at 6:11 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Fayetteville police spokeperson Theresa Chance said McNeill turned himself in Thursday night and has been questioned. She said he admitted to taking Davis.

McNeill has an extensive criminal background. An ABC11 check of his record turned up convictions for selling illegal drugs, assault, shooting into an occupied home, and more.

He was arraigned on first-degree kidnapping charges Friday and was ordered held on $100,000 bond. His lawyer said he would enter a not guilty plea.

Anyone having any information on the current whereabouts of Shaniya Davis is urged to contact the Fayetteville Police Department at (910) 433-1856. To leave an anonymous tip, call Crime Stoppers at (910) 483-8477.

Please keep this beautiful little girl in your thoughts and prayers.

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November 15, 2009 Comments off


The mother of a 5-year-old girl who disappeared in central North Carolina Tuesday was charged Saturday with human trafficking and other offenses, though authorities said they still did not know the girl’s whereabouts.

Antoinette Nicole Davis, the mother of Shaniya Davis, faces a child abuse charge involving prostitution as well as filing a false police report, according to a news release from the Fayetteville Police Department. The release did not say whether the charges were related to her daughter’s disappearance. Telephone messages left for police were not immediately returned.safe_image.php

An official at the Cumberland County Detention Center said Davis was still being booked and it was unclear whether she had an attorney. Her first court appearance would likely be Monday.

For up-to-date and reports since Shaniya was abducted please link to WRAL, RALEIGH, NC.

Please pray that Shaniya is found alive and that the individuals that now have her do not get scared and kill her. And pray that the authorities are able to locate her before she gets into the human trafficking ring.