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Teens Using Vodka-soaked Tampons To Get Drunk!!!!…..

November 12, 2011 1 comment


Teenagers have found a new way of getting drunk  by inserting vodka-soaked tampons into their vaginas.  And it’s not just girls; boys are inserting the alcohol-drenched feminine hygiene products in their rectums.

The disturbing trend, first  noted by the Oxford Journals in 1999, said the teens experience “rapid onset of effects, lower doses of  alcohol are required for intoxication, and the reduced likelihood of recent  alcohol consumption being being detected on the breath,” all contributed to the  popularity of this method of abusing alcohol.

The problem in local high schools and said the growing number of incidents  related to  students immersing tampons in vodka has school officials concerned  for student safety.

This is not isolated to any school,  any city, any financial area. This is everywhere. There’s been documented cases of people going to the  hospital with alcohol poisoning just from utilizing it that way.

It was definitely not just  girls using the tampons to get drunk; rectal beer bongs is another  bizarre trend created under the same concept and is becoming as popular as beer bongs  used at college drinking bashes. It is called “butt chugging.”

Students are  inventing new ways to consume alcohol that is less detectable by their parents  and teachers. He suggests parents become more involved in their children’s lives  to combat these problems of alcohol use among teenagers.

Students would obtain a “quicker high” and the effects  are “more intense” then through oral consumption. It’s problematic because you  don’t really know how much you’re going to absorb.

Vodka-soaked tampons,  which contain about a shot of alcohol, can cause “mucosal irritation to the  vagina” or rectum. The trend could have life-threatening  consequences. If the person does pass out or lose consciousness, health care  professionals won’t necessarily know that they have to look in those areas and  that may delay treatment.

The myth persists among  teenagers that if they use alcohol-soaked tampons they would “pass a  breathalyser test because they didn’t actually drink the booze.”  But this is  untrue.  A breathalyser  checks what’s in your blood-stream not the amount of booze on your breath and  wouldn’t change the blood alcohol content determined by the test.

So, parents….you must get involved in our children’s life no matter what age.  Stop trying to be a friend but rather a “parent” – it’s your job and responsibility to know what is happening in your daughter and/or son’s life.  Becoming educated is the first step but then you must follow-up and through with your responsibility.  This is serious and deadly.

When I stumpled upon this article and kept reading and as stated medical journals made this annoucement back in 1999; well, I was even shocked.  I can imagine you are as well.  Who would have “thunk”? *Shaking my head.  Damn kids will try/do anything being stupid.

Take care and STAY SAFE!



Loving Yourself For Mother’s Day on My Life My Soul Talk Radio…

May 4, 2010 Comments off

Saturday, May 8th is a special day where we pay tribute to Mom!

Our families may do something nice for us, we may do something nice for mom. But what do we do to honor ourselves for Mother’s Day?

We spend so much time taking care of the needs of others that we don’t do enough for ourselves. One important part of the healing journey is being able to take time for yourself – to reflect, to clear your head, to figure out a way to rid yourself of the negativity in your life so that you can move forward in a positive direction.

What do YOU do to unwind when you’ve had a stressful day?

Do you read, meditate, exercise, take a walk?

Care to share what works for you? If you do, the trick is – it can’t cost any money!

Join Ivette on Saturday, May 8 at 11 am with guest Co-host Anny Jacoby, Owner/President of The Realistic Female Self-Defense Company. Anny has been a prior guest on My Life My Soul Talk Radio. She is also a fellow survivor of domestic violence, an advocate and most importantly – A Mother.

No talking shop – just two mothers sharing what has worked for them in their personal healing journey.

Loving Yourself For Mother’s Day on My Life My Soul

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