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Duke University Sophomore Arrested on Rape Charge…

September 15, 2010 2 comments

Duke University Sophomore Arrested on Rape Charge…

A sophomore withdrew from the University Thursday after being arrested for the alleged second-degree rape and first-degree kidnapping of a fellow student.

Eric Irons, a 19-year-old from Hong Kong, was arrested by Duke Police and taken into custody Wednesday, 9/8/10. He was charged and released the same day on a $75,000 bond, according to court records. A district court date has been set for Nov. 9.

Irons allegedly assaulted a female student at a party on Central Campus April 17, according to the probable cause affadavit, part of the application for a search warrant submitted by the Duke University Police Department. Several witnesses described the alleged victim as “very intoxicated” at the party, according to the affadavit. The next day, the alleged victim went to the Duke University Medical Center’s Emergency Department, where a sexual assault kit was used.

Michael Schoenfeld, vice president for public affairs and government relations, wrote in an e-mail that the DUPD investigation was conducted in a “timely manner,” but the incident was not included in the initial DUPD crime log to protect the alleged victim, avoid jeopardizing the investigation and prevent the destruction of evidence. He added that DUPD has the right to not report incidents in special cases, such as during ongoing investigations.

DUPD submitted a search warrant application to the magistrate Sept. 7 to procure DNA swabs from Irons and samples of his head and pubic hair, saliva and blood. The evidence was collected by DUPD and Emergency Department workers Sept. 8, according to the search warrant.

“The University’s principal concern is for the health and safety of the victim and the members of the Duke community,” Schoenfeld wrote. “We take reports of sexual assault very seriously and, through DUPD and other services available on campus, work to ensure that the rights of victims and those under investigation are respected and protected.”

Irons declined to comment and referred questions to Durham lawyer Bill Thomas, who could not be reached.

According to the affadavit, Irons admitted in “a subsequent interview” that he engaged in sexual conduct with the alleged victim but denied having sexual intercourse.

According to state statutes, second-degree rape is defined as vaginal intercourse “by force and against the will of the other person.” First-degree kidnapping is the unlawful confining, restraining or removal of a person from one place to another, the result being that “the person kidnapped either was not released by the defendant in a safe place or had been seriously injured or sexually assaulted,” the statutes state.

Schoenfeld referred questions about the prosecution of the case to the district attorney’s office, which could not immediately be reached for comment.

Student Affairs officials have been in contact with Irons and his parents, Schoenfeld said.

Dean of Students Sue Wasiolek said she cannot comment on ongoing criminal cases involving students, but she said the University considers each incident of this nature with great care.

“It’s a difficult balance to strike whenever we are attempting to preserve the rights and the safety of both the students that are involved in the cases and the rest of the community,” she said. “That is something that we take very seriously.”

Via The Chronicle – Duke University

Interestingly I have found nothing in our media about this assault other than the University newspaper.  Why not?  Why shouldn’t other students, campuses, universities, females, and communities be made aware of this information?  Talk about “hush, hush”.


1 out of 4 females in college will be sexually assaulted/raped BEFORE graduation.

95% of victims DO NOT report being victimized.


Section 9 funding and the reporting requirements of the Jean Cleary Act are being drastically being UNDER REPORTED.  Reporting of victimization does affect funding to colleges and universities.  This MUST stop!  Our females are not educated nor know what procedures they should and must take when victimized.  Know the policy and procedures at your school for reporting.  If the University has “SWORN POLICE OFFICERS” report the assault immediately AND PRESS CHARGES, go to the local hospital for reporting and exam and visit your local Rape Crisis Agency or call  You have every right as well to file a report and press charges with the local city/town police department.


Do not settle for a “peer advocate” or “faculty advocate”….YOU WANT/NEED a certified rape crisis advocate who has no influence nor connection with your school.  Her soul interest is to protect and to provide FOR YOU!

Take care and STAY SAFE!

Jocelyn Clark Missing, Pinebluff North Carolina…

February 10, 2010 Comments off

Former student vanishes in January, searches inconclusive

by Jack Dodson, February 9, 2010

Jocelyn Clark holds her Elon University diploma. Clark has been missing since January 11th, 2010. Photo submitted.

On Jan. 11, biology professor Matt Clark got a call every parent hopes to never receive. His former wife asked him if he was sitting down, and his only response was that he hoped it wasn’t about their daughter, Jocelyn.

It was.

Crystal Gathers, Jocelyn’s mother, was calling to tell Clark that Jocelyn had gone out for a run that morning and never come back.

Jocelyn Clark is a 2007 graduate of Elon University and has lived in Durham until recently, when she moved with her mother to her grandparents’ house in Pinebluff, N.C.

Jocelyn had left the house around 8:30 a.m. By the time it was noon, Gathers said, she went to look for Jocelyn on the route she normally ran, but she was not there. The next step was to file a report with the police.

Gathers said at first she hesitated in contacting the police because she didn’t want to make an issue if Jocelyn came home. After a while, Jocelyn was still missing, so Gathers filed the report.
At 6 p.m. that night, Clark received the news that his daughter was missing.

Police searched through the area that night with dogs. Computer records have been looked at, flyers have been passed out, and while the officers are looking into some leads, nothing has led to the safe return of Jocelyn.

According to the police officer on the case, Sgt. Chris Sanderson of the Pinebluff Police Department, the incident doesn’t seem to be criminal in nature. “She left on her own, that much we do know,” Sanderson said.

Clark said he talks with Sanderson regularly about the case.

“(Sanderson) said to me on many occasions he did not think there was foul play,” Clark said.

It seemed briefly the family would be able to put out a silver alert, but Gathers said because Jocelyn wasn’t “cognitively impaired” at the time of her disappearance, she wouldn’t meet the qualifications for the program.

Because of previous medical conditions, Jocelyn could have once met the qualifications for a silver alert, Gathers said, but not anymore. A silver alert in North Carolina is issued under the circumstance that someone of any age with dementia or other mental impairment goes missing.

Clark was told he is not able to sign a document allowing a silver alert to be put out because he hasn’t seen his daughter in more than a year.

Instead, Clark has tried to rally family members to find Jocelyn. He’s contacted his family and gotten all members involved in the search, trying to get the word out.

He said that it’s a difficult situation, though, and not one he necessarily knows how to approach.

“This is not a book on my shelf as a professor I can pull down and follow the instructions,” he said.

One family member, Annie Hinds, has helped create options for the family, he said. “She calls Crystal on a regular basis,” he said. “(The family’s) all linking to Mike’s Facebook.”

The Facebook group Clark refers to was created by one of his former students, Michael James, who felt compelled to help when he was told Jocelyn was missing. “Basically, the idea is to just get her picture out there to people who haven’t seen it,” James said.

“You’re basically taking a shot in the dark,” he said, referring to the idea that someone on Facebook might know the whereabouts of Jocelyn.

To Clark, the showing of support from family and friends, all demonstrated by the group on Facebook, is welcome.

“This may not be someone who’s an Elon student now, but she’s part of this extended Elon family,” Clark said.

“(Friends and family) started calling…they were shocked, stunned, most of them torn.”

Since Feb. 3, when the group was created, the membership has drastically increased to 2,300 people.

Comments fill the wall offering prayers and support for the family.

Smith Jackson, the vice president for student life at Elon, said the university plans to support efforts to find Jocelyn, though he said there wasn’t a simple answer as to how to do that.

“We certainly want to support any efforts to find her.”

Jackson said he talked to staff and faculty members to see if they could help investigate.

Looking ahead, Clark said he’s going to let the Facebook group get the word out. He hopes it will reach family members, friends of Jocelyn’s all over the country and other people with connections to Elon that may have known Jocelyn.

“I don’t know how long it’s going to take,” Clark said. “But I hope it’s not long.”

Cynthia L. Caron
LostNMissing, Inc.
PH: 603.548.6548

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November 10, 2009 1 comment



Disclaimer – this post is not meant in any way to insinuate that any male, job capacity, race, etc. to be a determining factor of crime; but rather give insight and education to females as well as to those reading.

Can you HONESTLY tell by looking at a male if he is a potential assailant or that he has assaulted or harmed another female?

The answer……………..NO!

The messages that are being sent to females are extremely confusing. From a young age we are taught and encouraged to seek the help and assistance of a law enforcement officer in time of need; extend our hand to a firefighter if we are in a car accident or a burning home/building and has been summoned to our rescue to help and assist. We look at males in our military with utmost admiration and respect as they are trained extensively to protect and defend. We are taught that any man in a uniform is “safe” and that they portray a “safe haven”; Our Heroes. Don’t forget doctors, EMT’s, male nurses and more. The uniform………

We are also given the impression that a male in a three piece suit is of respect, professionals, school teachers and coaches; young men that wear nice clothing, educated and/or “jocks” are “safe men”. On the flip side…..we are taught, “do not talk to strangers”; homeless males are “bad” and “unsafe”; any male that wears baggy clothing should be watched closely and are marked as “unsafe men”. You get the picture(s) and I am sure that you can visualize more males in different occupations and status as well. More than I am mentioning.

You are wondering, why such a disturbing, blunt post? The accused assailant is a police officer, a man to uphold the law and he WAS IN MY BACKYARD with access to many female students and well as our community. And, this assault has literally been “hush-hush” in our local media. THE OFFICER WORKED AT DUKE UNIVERISTY! However, this could happen, happened or will happen in any community.

The recent arrest of Duke University Police Officer, Webster Delenn Simmons has been Simmonscharged with felony first-degree rape and felony first-degree sodomy in Dothan, Alabama, Houston County. Simmons is being held in jail in lieu of $120,000 bail. Officer Simmons has been with the university department for over a year. Prior to working at Duke he was a Raleigh, NC police officer (1998-2007) The actions of this police officer has stirred me, and others in so many ways.

Now this officer finds himself on the other side of the law.

Detectives seized evidence from inside Simmons auto which included two pair of handcuff’s, a ball gag, thick white rope, an unknown evidence2_handcuffs_ball gag_rope_power source with wires_ whip_flogpower source with wires attached to a nail, along with a whip and flog. Simmons was in possession of his full police uniform, gun belt and police handcuffs at the time of his arrest. Houston County Sheriff’s investigators believe Simmons gagged and handcuffed a local woman of Dothan (his relative!, 34 years of age) after they went to a club Saturday night. The victim was found bound and gagged. This assault was definitely a bondage rape. The victim woke up early Saturday morning handcuffed and with a ball gag in her mouth. While at the club the victim bought all of her own drinks at the club, except the last one was purchased by Simmons. Investigators do believe that she was drugged as she was ill after she woke up.

Simmons is obviously not Andy Griffith. Jeez, I wonder why he is wearing a bullet proof vest in his picture at the time of his arrest???????

Simmons has been suspended from duty at Duke University as a result of his arrest. Duke University officials are cooperating with the investigation.

Our young daughters, sisters, or friends are sent off to college and university campus all over this country. And, they are told where police officers can be located on campus and that they are safe. They are told that officers are there to protect them – just go to the “blue phone” on campus and officers will be summoned. They are given emergency campus telephone numbers if needed.

I do believe in my heart that one bad apple doesn’t spoil the bunch but if I did not bring such disturbing and false information to the attention of young ladies and parents I would be remiss of my beliefs and profession. Ultimately, an assailant DOES NOT HAVE A FACE. Anyone can be an assailant just as any female can be a victim.

Females cannot depend on anyone but themselves to protect and defend themselves. Bottom-line. Every female must be educated in all respects to rape and assault prevention. Females must learn about awareness, pro-active options, safety tips and yes – ultimately how they can PROTECT AND DEFEND themselves physically in the event of an altercation.

The victim was pro-active with purchasing her own drinks until she allowed Simmons to purchase the last round. And, as reports have it – she was a relative! She trusted him and he was an officer of the law. Unfortunately, you can’t even depend on a relative not to harm you. This is so sad but unfortunately crimes are committed against anyone by anyone.

This does not mean that you have to live being paranoid – your awareness must be heightened. You must know the warning signs and red flags. You are not at zero option what-so-ever. You must learn how to be pro-active in a group, at the clubs, on campus and in university cities/towns. You’d rather be safe than sorry.

I encourage all females of all ages to learn Rape/Assault Prevention: YOURS!

Take care and STAY SAFE!