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An Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit can save your life!

November 21, 2012 2 comments

An Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit is the mastermind process of domestic violence expert Susan Murphy Milano that combines video taping of the victims actual words attesting to the abuse coupled with creative witnessed and notarized legal documents that successfully satisfy legal hurdles often faced in these intimate partner violence and stalking cases.  Susan has worked countless hours to move mountains in the way an abuse situation is handled.It combines past history of abuse, testimony,documentation, and evidence in a all in one video to support your statements of abuse as well as satisfy the courts.

The EAA was born out of the Stacey Peterson case.  It was created to make sure if you disappear your fears and words do not.  Stacey’s case reminds us we need the words of the victim otherwise even if everyone knows it is the abuser they get away with it.  Proof is needed.  Murphy-Milano says, “Had either Kathleen Savio or Stacy Peterson prepared an EAA, there would be no question of a prompt arrest. The EAA also gives law enforcement and investigators information about the alleged perpetrator allowing the victim to speak from the grave on her own behalf, should that be necessary.  Think of the millions saved in taxpayer dollars!”

Susan has worked with prosecutors and victims all over the world.  Since her creation not one of the people she has worked with has been killed.  That in itself is a miracle since the U.S. Surgeon general finds domestic violence as the leading cause of health problems in our country.  One in every three women will be victimized.

The EAA is easy to use, very detailed and walks the victim through the steps needed to cross any line drawn in prosecutions case.  It contains the evidence and statements necessary to prosecute should the victim be harmed.

Until now the response when you are abused has been:

  • victims are told to report (but action is only taken if you can show evidence of the abuse).
  • Victims are told to go to a shelter.
  • Victims are told to get a restraining order (but usually only granted if there is evidence of the abuse)
  • Victims are told to move away (but leaving behind careers, family, and assets).
  • Victims are told to stay with someone else.
  • Victims are told stalking is hard to prove and stalking laws are often weak and poorly defined.

Now the solution is at your hands easily downloaded and process detailed.  The EAA is now available on Apple products for download.  It is simple, and I tried it myself.  With the ease of an App, a victim can download the app and be guided through the process of creating the E.A.A. on a Smart Phone.  Any Smart Phone with a camera will be able to video tape the recorded testimony of her abuse experiences.  The person will simply fill out the E.A.A. documentation pages, and the pages will be notarized and instructions for where thecompleted documents are sent will direct the victim through the completion process.  Utilizing cloud technology, the E.A.A. is stored safely in a forensically secured database.

It was released on July 4th, 2012.  How fitting the day for freedom is the day the app becomes available.  After 20 years of working on Intimate partner violence she sees her dream come true.All information on the EAA can be found on Susan’s website at:  Please check out her latest book now available by download, Time’s Up: A Guide on How to Safely Leave an Abusive and Stalking Relationships.  Susan Murphy Milano is a true hero to millions and her newest creation can and will save lives.  If you are in dangerous situation call local authorities and seek help. Always document everything. It can change the outcome.

This is an example of an Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit for individuals who perceive they are at risk.  By creating a file like this and giving it to specific people, any later events could be answered.  A video like this could solve a crime later on.  For more information visit or Susan Murphy Milano’s Journal.

Take care and STAY SAFE!

Susan Murphy- Milano Fighter for Human Rights

July 8, 2012 Comments off

Thank you Amy Matthews for creating the beautiful video!

Susan Murphy-Milano is a leader in the field of Intimate Partner Violence and is now fighting 4th stage Cancer. She has dedicated her life to fighting for change in how the world looks at and treats Domestic Violence in this country, and now to change how the world looks at and treats Cancer. She is also fighting for justice in the world of Health Care for every individual in this country.

To learn more please visit

Amy’s  Message to Susan
Susan you are without a doubt one of the most amazing women I know of, and definitely the most amazing women I have had the pleasure of knowing personally. Every one of us wants to feel like we have made a difference in the life of another. I have always said if I can make the difference in even one person’s life then I will be happy. Susan you have made a tremendous difference not just for the women you’ve helped through the years, the women you are aware of, but the many countless women you don’t know about, and it’s only just the beginning. You will continue to change the lives of people all over this country, as well and around the world, from this day forward.
What you have done is started a revolution. You have changed the way that intimate partner violence is viewed and addressed. You brought life and hope to what seemed a hopeless situation.
Everyone wonders what their purpose in life is, and many will never know the answer while they are still on this Earth. That makes you very lucky because you know what your purpose is, and you have seen with your own eyes the good you have done and will continue to do.
The fights not over for the cause or for you! So don’t ever give up, the world is certainly not giving up on you or anything you stand for.
We are here for you now and we will continue the battle and when we are gone there will be others and when they are gone there will be more until this battle is won!


Amy J. Matthews