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We provide students with expert educational about domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, sexting, abductions, stalking, victimization and ultimately physically personal safety training  with certified instructors that are trained exclusively in female personal safety/self-defense mentally, emotionally and physically.


The self-defense system (The S.P.E.A.R. System™ – Spontaneous, Protection, Enabling, Accelerated, Response)  taught IS NOT martial arts.  In short, it is “hand-to-hand combat” training which we have tailored and designed for females only.   The S.P.E.A.R. System™ is close quarter training which utilizes the speed and reliability of the startle/flinch mechanism to convert the sudden attack into a tactical counter. Most importantly, this system utilizes the body’s natural flinches and reactions to fear or violence and then converts these reactions into efficient tactical choices.  Because the system is “Genetically wired and behaviorally inspired™”, anybody can learn it and everybody can do it.  The S.P.E.A.R. System™ is the result of over two decades of research.  The system is so direct and efficient that it is currently adopted by major law enforcement and military units across the globe.

We have strict policies and procedures in accepting male instructors to represent our company and divisions.  Every training session has at least one female instructor and only male instructors role play as an assailant as it is not realistic for females to hit other females, bags or pads.  Instructors are either current or former law enforcement officers; military experience and/or they may have a martial arts background.  All instructors must be Certified Advocates as well.

Every instructor MUST adhere to our policies and pass an extensive background investigation.


Jake Jacoby is the Lead Instructor for The Realistic Female Self-Defense Company and Project Safe Girls.

Jake has been involved with the fight to end domestic violence and a voice in communities advocating to end violence against females since his senior year of high school. He was first introduced to the field in 2005 as an Assistant Instructor teaching personal safety/self-defense classes to females only with a local law enforcement officer in North Carolina.

Jake received his P.D.R. (Personal Defense Readiness) Instructor Certification in 2007 with Blauer Tactical Systems, Inc.  He has vigorously been teaching females from ages 5 to 65, Senior’s and those with disabilities how to effectively defend and protect themselves when they are in a harmful situation.

Jake is a graduate of North Carolina Central University where he achieved his Bachelor of Science Degree, Cum Laude in Criminal Justice and his Bachelor of Arts Degree, Cum Laude in Psychology in May, 2011. Jake plans on attending graduate school to obtain his Masters and Doctorate in Clinical Research Psychology or Forensic Psychology.  Jake currently works full-time with the Chapel Hill/Carrboro School District, North Carolina as a Teacher’s Assistant and part-time as a camp counselor with the Teen Center, a division of Chapel Hill Parks and Recreation.

Passionately, Jake is also the Program Director for a youth spoken word organization, the Sacrificial Poets. Their mission is to inspire, foster, and promote artistic expression, personal growth, and social justice for youth in their collective communities through the use of the spoken and written word.


Our instructors only use High Gear for training to provide true “active/dynamic” scenarios where speed, mobility and realistic tactics must be present.  High Gear™ allows our instructors while role-playing to move with natural movement and the “actual size” of the attacker is proportional to a real man, the result: what you do in training replicates what you must do in a real confrontation.

high-gear-500x500High Gear™ allows our instructors to work on realistic tactics in realistic environments.  Realistic scenarios are created, analyzed and options worked out for students.  High Gear™ allows our instructors to work ‘over and over’ with students to enforce what she might do in practically any situation.  This protective gear for our instructors allows students to work at their fullest speed/force and potential to disengage from one assailant to multiple assailants.

Tony Blauer’s High Gear™ “Impact Reduction Suit” allows our instructors to create role-playing scenarios and training with greater flexibility and protection.  Blauer Tactical Systems, Inc. has been teaching and training force-on-force and contact simulations since 1982.

REDMAN, FIST, etc. suits are excellent suits for training students in technique and power but their applications for dynamic and realistic situations are limited and any qualified trainer can identify the pro’s and con’s of each suit. Professionally, we do not consider them to be true “active/dynamic” scenario suits, where speed, mobility and realistic tactics must be present. They are not force-on-force suits.  This is not a put down, merely a distinction.  Many products are designed for completely different applications and functions.


Jason Jacoby spearheads the Administrative side of our company assisting in organization, scheduling, working with Project Coordinators, director of video and media operations for our organization and carries the role of Anny’s right hand in so many areas (way too many to list but of mighty importance).

Jason has been involved with his advocacy and involvement to end domestic violence and advocating to end violence against females since 2005 and then stepping into the company Admin role in 2006.

Jason became a Building Inspector for the state of North Carolina in 2004.  He currently holds a position with the State Employee’s Credit Union of North Carolina.

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