Breaking down B4U-ACT’s (Pedophilia) Plea for Tolerance…

August 31, 2011

Just as the pedophile grooms and conditions his victims, the B4U-ACT group, a pro-pedophile organization, is being criticized for attempting to condition society to tolerate the “special feelings” pedophiles have for minors.

As you know, sympathetic activists held a conference encouraging society to connect emotionally with pedophiles to promote tolerance.

The group held a conference in Baltimore on August 17 that included clinicians, researchers and pedophiles talking about pedophilia and how those at risk for acting on their urges can seek real help. But the dominating topic of discussion was the group’s intentions of changing the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) classification of pedophilia.

B4U-ACT classifies pedophilia as a different type of sexual orientation, just as gay or hetero are different from each other. (Super! Let’s make new laws to protect all types of sexual orientation. What a circus society will be!)

While B4U-ACT may have its heart in the right place with their willingness to help pedophiles manage their sexual feelings for children, the group’s encouragement of using phrases such as, “minor-attracted persons” in place of “pedophiles” is very dangerous.

The B4U-ACT group repeatedly refers to pedophiles as, “minor-attracted persons.” The reference is made ad nauseam and appears on the B4U-ACT Web site like flies at a picnic.

Is it all part of their audio/visual conditioning plan to achieve societal acceptance for pedophilia? Here’s the thing–Society might be quite capable of tolerating the feelings defining pedophilia. It’s what happens as a result of those feelings that causes a visceral reaction from the world.

B4U-ACT claims to help pedophiles with compassionate understanding and a clear distinction between feelings and illegal actions. However, empathetic terms aimed at softening the true threat behind pedophilia are just another violation against our children. Especially when B4U-ACT starts tampering with the APA’s classification of pedophilia.

B4U-ACT’s holy grail might just be forcing the nation to illegalize the National Registry for Sex Offenders so we don’t hurt their feelings by “calling them out.”

B4U-ACT harps on the concept that many people who are attracted to children have never once acted on those feelings by engaging a minor in sex. This is probably true, and I highly doubt these responsible, law-abiding citizens need their feelings validated by B4U-ACT or society as a whole.

It’s coming across that B4U-ACT is trying to establish an empathetic response from society in order to create the path of open tolerance for pedophilia. Here’s the problem with that approach–Paths often turn into major roadways where speed limits are ignored.

So here, let’s simplify everything for the folks of B4U-ACT.  Attraction to children is something a person can easily seek help for through counseling. Pedophiles already know this and they also know society respects their self-control. The last thing our children or pedophiles need is B4U-ACT blurring the line between right and wrong with carefully selected terminology designed to soften the consequences of pedophilia.

This is no way to allay the fears of society, or the fears of a pedophile at risk of acting on his urges.

There is a bold line between right and wrong in society. Most of us clearly recognize that line every day in the things we say and do. We are all successfully controlling something in our lives. It is simply a part of respecting the difference between right and wrong.

If pedophiles want to feel included in society as a whole instead of being labeled as an outcast, the road to success is quite simple,

Don’t put your hands on a child. Ever.

Don’t have a child’s hands on you. Ever.

This “organization” and others cannot be allowed to keep going on as if they are to be accepted and tolerated.  No, I do not have tolerance for B4U-ACT, it’s members nor supporters.  As long as there are many of us in this arena fighting for our children who do not have a voice – we will continue to expose organizations of this sort for what they truly are.  Educating the public is imperative, saving our children is IMPERATIVE.

Child sexual abuse and assault will never be tolerated, never!  The “urge” will never be tolerated!

Thank you Kristen Berry for your contribution and stance.

Take care and STAY SAFE!

  1. September 7, 2011 at 6:23 PM

    Anny, B4U-Act has no interest in helping pedophiles not to offend. Their only interest is in changing public opinion about pedophiles, which is the first step towards normalization of child rape. Here is some information about that organization:

    About Michael Melsheimer, the child rapist that created B4U-Act:

    His cohort, Fred Berlin:

    Their hearts are decidedly not in the right place.

    You make an excellent point when you say that those law-abiding citizens who might suffer from pedophilia but don’t act on it don’t need validation for those feelings… in fact, it could be argued (and probably should) that validation of those feelings will do absolutely nothing to help them to continue to be law-abiding citizens. We don’t validate the feelings of men who rape women, because we know that would only encourage recidivism. Why, then, do these groups purporting to be working in the best interests of pedophiles validate their feelings? It’s no different, except that their victims have even less a chance of fighting back (which I’ve always maintained was the main attraction to begin with.)

    Another awesome piece. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve been doing to expose this dangerous group.

  2. jonnyjustcom
    October 28, 2011 at 12:44 PM

    Perhaps at this point we will begin to appreciate the dangers of allowing moral values to go on a slippery slope. The history of every now acceptable immorality did not begin with their large scale roll out, It often starts with the exceptional conditions and fringes: e.g abortion – abort babies that put their mother’s life in danger; homosexuality – they are born that way; euthanasia -help people who are terminally sick to die. You start from these exceptions but end up with large scale policies endorsement of abortion by choice; making homesexuals out of young people through social engineering; large scale assisted suicide. Unless we revert to our moral consciousness, we have our work cut out to stop these perverts, the precedence is set.
    Certain things are just not up for debate; wrong is wrong and can never be right.

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