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Dancing with the Stars Pro Shares Her Story of Abuse; “I Was Molested”, Cheryl Burke

February 11, 2011


As any fan of Dancing with the Stars knows, Cheryl Burke exudes confidence when she’s waltzing, quick-stepping or doing the tango in front of millions.

But for the two-time DWTS champ, life wasn’t always so smooth: As a child, Burke was repeatedly molested by a friend of her family’s – and testified against him in court, helping send him to prison for nearly two decades.

“I’m telling my story,” says Burke, 26, who opens up about the molestation – and other struggles, including physical abuse by two former boyfriends – in her new book Dancing Lessons, (coauthored by PEOPLE senior writer Monica Rizzo). “They’re not secrets. There’s no shame.”

Burke’s abuser was a retired mailman who was trusted and well liked in Burke’s Bay Area community. He would sometimes pick Burke up from school and do odd jobs around her home. The assaults began when she was 5.

After he was accused of targeting other children, Burke acknowledged her own abuse. But, still reeling from her parents’ split when she was a baby, she was wracked with confusion.

“I felt guilty for wanting his love and affection,” she says, calling testifying against him “the hardest thing I’ve ever done … I saw his face and lawyers were asking me these questions and I was like, ‘What am I doing? Did he even do anything wrong?’ ”

Eventually, with the man in prison and years of therapy, Burke came to see just how wrong her abuser was.

Now, with season 12 of DWTS beginning in March, Burke is ready to tell her story. “If I can help just one person,” she says, “for me that’s all that matters.”

Cheryl Burke is now the latest in a long list of celebrities who have bravely told their story in the last year. We hope these stories will help make sexual abuse a more “speakable” issue in our society – for both the millions of survivors that carry their abuse in secret and for the millions and millions of children we can protect from ever being abused.

We look forward to the day when one of the many celebrity survivors comes forward and joins us in our fight to spread the word about how abuse can be stopped to begin with! We can prevent child sexual abuse!

  1. February 11, 2011 at 5:50 AM

    Personal safety at the age of 5 thank God she had the guts to testify.It’s people like Cheryl Burke that will help other women know that if we work together we can stop the abuse, and find an end to a life time of sadness. Like Cheryl said if she can help one person then it is worth it. With the help of people like you Anny and such a huge support team it can be done.
    Thanks for being their

  2. February 14, 2011 at 5:09 AM

    I really appreciate Public Figures coming out to educate the world that it is wrong and you can tell and you can heal. It is different for everyone but it really helps to put a face and a strong voice to announce this is wrong and do not put up with it. Thank you!

  3. February 16, 2011 at 12:56 AM

    I admire women who can come out and tell their stories. I just recently read a book titled, “From Immigrant Housemaid to Harvard Ph.D.” written by Jin Kyu Robertson Ph.D. that is about the very same thing. It talks about this amazing woman who over came the odds of being poor, and being married to an abusive husband. She went on to get her Ph.D. at Harvard and became an extremely successful. Her success is evidence that people create the lives they want, and there’s nothing that can stand in the way of opportunity.

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