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Cumberland DA, NC: DSS ‘dropped the ball’ withholding vital info in the death of Shaniya Davis

October 1, 2010

Cumberland DA, NC: DSS ‘dropped the ball’ withholding vital info in the death of Shaniya Davis

I called this one back in my November 24, 2009 post!  “I have posted before…..many individuals, county offices, law enforcement and Shaniya’s school LEFT HER DOWN! Let alone “MOMMY DEAREST”, family members, irresponsible and ignorant friends of her mother’s and the list goes on. In my book, “they weren’t there for her and her well-being”; bottom-line.”

“There are so many red flags, warning signs, bells and whistles in this sickening, senseless loss of Shaniya from so many respects. How in the hell did this happen?; “How could things have gotten to this?” Others MUST BE HELD accountable for their failures as many failed Shaniya.

Cumberland County DSS MUST be investigated as this agency needs an overhaul just as the SBI did.

FAYETTEVILLE (WTVD) — Cumberland Co. District Attorney Ed Grannis blasted the North Carolina Department of Social Services Thursday – saying the agency withheld vital information in the Shaniya Davis case.

Davis, 5, was taken from her Fayetteville home in November 2009. Mario Andrette McNeill has been charged with kidnapping, rape and murder. He was seen on a hotel surveillance video with Davis.

The girl’s mother, Antoinette Davis, is charged with child abuse involving prostitution.

At a news conference Thursday afternoon, Grannis said problems started the day Davis was reported missing when DSS left detectives waiting hours for assistance.

“It was critically important that DSS cooperate in every way to save the life of this child, it does not appear that occurred,” said Grannis.

Eventually, he said it took two court orders to force DSS to handover missing documents that were not included in an initial report to the DA’s office.

Grannis also expressed his disappointment with the State Bureau of Investigation who he said referred to DSS’s lack of cooperation as a misunderstanding – even after interviews with DSS staffers revealed high ranking supervisors told agents on the case to print emails and then delete them to prevent the media from accessing details in their investigation of the Davis Family.

“DSS staff was told to delete emails pertaining to this case, and to not email anymore information,” said Grannis.

A DSS supervisor also alleged a Fayetteville police officer tried to break into DSS offices to obtain information, but later recanted, saying it was a local reporter. DSS has never sought charges against that reporter.

ABC11 asked whether this was a case of criminal negligence. Grannis said because the emails were printed out, there’s no proof they were destroyed.

He said he will not seek criminal indictments, and believes because Davis’s kidnapping, rape, and murder became a high profile case, DSS reacted in such a way to protect its image.

However, he says DSS dropped the ball and failed to protect the 5-year-old.

ABC11 (Raleigh) also asked if the DA’s Office had taken its grievances to the Governor. Grannis said no, insisting that a better spirit of cooperation between police, prosecutors and DSS will result from this incident.

Grannis has enlisted the help of the Cumberland Co Sheriff’s Office to review the DSS handling of the case in order to have “a set of fresh eyes” on the matter.

Respectfully submitted via WTVD-TV/DT

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