HereWomenTalk Expert Team Scored Big!

September 16, 2010

HereWomenTalk Expert Team Scored Big!


Women Social Network, Here Women Talk, saved a young woman’s life when she reached out to Dottie Laster during her live online radio show, “Trafficked”.  Dottie with a team of experts were able to reach this young woman, assisted her in her escape from being trafficked to freedom, established her in safety WITHIN 24 HOURS!  This team worked diligently, non-stop for 24+ hours to rescue this innocent child of 19 years old!

TRAFFICKED with Dottie Laster

Thursday, 1-2 pm EDT (10-11 am Pacific)

Horrific true stories and happy-ending stories about people saved from the fastest growing crime in the world. Live this week:  Poet Laureate for Human Rights Larry Jaffe with a poem on genocide; Francis Bok, escaped slave from Sudan;  and Elizabeth Crooks who shelters victims of trafficking.  Chat-in or Call (646) 652-2071

Thank you Team – ^5, awesome team work!  And, who says it can’t be done.  It has just been proven that when a victim reaches out a job can get done.  Nothing will stand in the way of advocacy.

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