Females & Guns; Myths=Excuses, Facts=Reality

August 3, 2010

Females & Guns; Myths=Excuses, Facts=Reality

Last week I had the honor to be a guest on The Cop Doc’s BlogTalkRadio show (Richard Weinblatt) with Betsy Brantner Smith and Steve Kardian (all former police officers).

The topic of guns (weapons) was presented during our discussion and I strongly took a stance, which I have always; against promoting weapons for females to use for self-defense.  I feel that it is imperative to once again stress my concerns (cons) about weapons and false security of same.

I have shot guns since I was in junior high school, had a concealed carry permit in my lifetime, carried a Glock in the console of my car and kept it safely away in my home.   And I do support the Right To Bear Arms.  I do not support the myth, “I own a gun and that is the best possible method of self-defense. If someone attacks me, I can use it to protect myself.”

Let’s take a look at why not……the facts and reality of such myth.

First, I say congratulations! I have heard this comment from females and males on behalf of the women in their lives with a cavalier attitude – all thinking/feeling that if owning a gun is the only sufficient method of personal safety/self-defense.

Weapons are advantageous and necessary when situations demand their use. Our military are not equipped with cans of pepper spray, really loud whistles and table knives. Our soldiers and law enforcement are armed with top-of-the line deadly weapons in order to fulfill their duties to be able to fight defensively during wartime. Good common sense.

Supporting the right to bear arms comes in when you wake up in the middle of the night, you hear a strange noise, having a gun safely in your night stand is a good thing. You will probably have enough time to make a 911 call; get your weapon, gather up enough courage to head toward the direction of the noise and attempt to intimidate and stall him until the police arrive. A gun is handy when it is used with KNOWLEDGE, GOOD JUDGMENT AND RESPECT. Most important…….it’s best IF you have time to use it.

Realistically, when you are attacked by an assailant, it happens without warning or if you find yourself in a domestic dispute a gun could be the end of your life.  You are given the smallest margin of time to prepare your defense. I don’t care what your weapon of choice is you will not be given the time necessary to pull it out and use it. If you are unexpectedly pushed or ambushed to the ground, even if you have your weapon in your pocketbook, it’s not going to help the situation. If you decide to draw a gun on an assailant you don’t have time nor are able to tell him to hold still while you try to find the weapon in the bottom of your purse.  As for Pepper spray or Mace you do not walk around with your finger on the trigger (there is a safety) and you better pray that the wind is not blowing in your direction – you will be covered with either of them.  Then what happens?  Your assailant will most likely overpower you and use your weapon of choice on you.  He’s not going to hold still for you while you try to find your weapon, aim it and fire/spray – he’s going to move in for the kill and fulfill his intention that he had from the beginning.

Ultimately, when faced with predicaments the call for immediate personal safety training/self-defense, the only two things that are readily available – your MIND AND BODY. That’s all you have, bottom-line.

Guns are useful in certain situations or as a means of intimidation; the odds of being able to access a weapon in enough time so that it retains its benefits are pretty damn slim. A gun in your safety box or safe at your home won’t help you when someone attacks you while you are jogging in the park or in the grocery store parking lot.  A gun in your car console won’t assist you either – you simply DO NOT walk around with your finger on the trigger nor on your hip in a holster as trained military and law enforcement officers do.

This same principle applies to any weapons – including pepper spray, Mace or knives.  And, honestly the majority of females that are not military and law enforcement will freeze in FEAR.  Being assaulted is not the same as being at the range learning to fire that weapon – you don’t have that kind of time to think of what to do.  The first five seconds of an attack is your best chance for your defense.

Ultimately, learn how to use yourself as a weapon and you might not have to worry about owning a gun.  Learn effective non-verbal and verbal de-escalation skills.  Learn how to read body language and how you can effectively and realistically use your body to defend yourself.  Learn what tools you have in your toolbox in the event you have to use them.  You are physically and mentally equipped with so many but females do not realize this……until they are properly trained.  Yes, you have to practice mentally and physically.  You cannot just take one class and never think about it again.  Self-defense/personal safety has to become embedded in your mind forming mental blueprints so that you react and respond quickly.

Food for thought…….why do you think our military and law enforcement are taught “hand-to-hand combat” extensively in training?  Simple answer…….they may not have enough time to draw their weapons to defend themselves in the event of an altercation. They must know how to protect and defend themselves “realistically” with their minds and bodies rather than depending on their weapon.

So, why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to learn how to use your mind and body “realistically” to defend yourself?  Take a moment to watch and listen to video #1 to the right of your screen.  Tony Blauer, Owner and President of Blauer Tactical Systems, Inc. teaches us for certification of the S.P.E.A.R. system (self-defense based on your natural flinch) to teach civilians – yes, he is well known in the military/government and law enforcement arena.  Listen carefully to his words.

Bottom-line, weapons give females FALSE security.  Learn to use what you have readily available, learn to use it wisely and correctly – YOUR MIND AND BODY.  Having those mental blueprints, learning about awareness and intuition and so much more will empower you.  Knowledge in itself is a powerful tool!

Take care and STAY SAFE!

  1. August 3, 2010 at 7:26 AM

    KNOWLEDGE, GOOD JUDGMENT AND RESPECT This is the best advice when thinking of a gun I also support guns but as you said you really need to have the mind and body to handle the situation. What we think we can do is another story, false security is thinking you can and doing is another. Face to Face with a criminal changes everything this is not a TV show.

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