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Teghan Alyssa Skiba Tortured and Died…Innocent Child Didn’t Have A Chance In Hell!

July 21, 2010

Teghan Alyssa Skiba Tortured and Died…Innocent Child Didn’t Have A Chance In Hell!

Teghan, “a very energetic, vivacious and lovable child” has died at the hands of a monster – no excuses, conditions or ignorance will ever justify her death.

No medical excuses of her alleged killer, no excuses from her mother, Helen Reyes as she had options for the safety of her child – Teghan was her responsibility and no excuses from Richardson’s grandparents;  the barn that Richardson kept Teghan was on their property.

No one can tell me or others that the grandparents did not know of the torture that was happening on their property.  They had no clue, come on!  They couldn’t hear Teghan’s screams and crying from being tortured?  Do you seriously believe that Richardson was silent while torturing, beating and assaulting this innocent child?  Are they deaf?  How could they allow for a child to be kept in the conditions that they knew about.

And, Teghan’s mother had no idea of the conditions in which she left her child?  Again, come on!  And, how could any parent leave a precious child with virtually a total stranger that she RECENTLY MET???

Jonathan Richardson, 21 is now charged with first degree murder and felony child abuse as  4-year0 old Teghan Alyssa Skiba died Monday night.  Teghan died at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill due to inflicted cut, lacerations, bite marks, head trauma and sexual assault injuries.  Richardson is being held WITHOUT bond.

Richardson told detectives that he “lost it” and whipped the girl with a cord after she urinated in defecated in the bed they were sharing (an air mattress).  Richardson explained that he is “bipolar and little things set him off”.   Being bipolar is NOT an excuse for torturing a child to death over a period of a week and a half.  Being bipolar is NOT an excuse for anything.  Who diagnosed him?  Still.. no excuse.

Items seized in the most recent search warrant thus far include an air mattress, a condom wrapper, a shotgun, a rifle, ammunition, knives, a camera, duct tape pieces, a green leafy substance, drug paraphernalia, guitar string and a drop cord.


Johnston County officials said Teghan was a victim of one of the worst child abuse cases that they have ever seen!

Sheriff Bizzell said, You think about how bad you think it is, and it’s that times 10.  There’s no excuse for it.  It was really just a disgrace to the sanctity of human life for a human body to be tortured like this.  It was just a senseless act of violence.

Let’s lay out a few things:

  • First and foremost, Richardson is an animal, a monster.
  • There was no running water, air conditioning nor bathroom in the barn in which he kept her.
  • Perhaps….Teghan urinated and defecated due to not being able to “hold it” any longer; she was near death due to obvious reasons and was sexually assaulted!
  • Teghan’s biological father is in the Wake County jail on felony drug trafficking charges.
  • Her mother just left HER CHILD with a man that she met recently!
  • Richardson has a criminal record that includes a conviction for simple assault and injury to personal property.
  • If you don’t want your child or cannot take care of your child then be at least responsible enough to seek help so that your child is safe at all times!

I trust and pray that Sheriff Bizzell and authorities do not leave any rock unturned.  This man deserves the death penalty – everyone is sick and tired of these perps getting away and blaming their actions on “I snapped”; having psychological issues when there is absolutely no sense to Teghan’s death.  PRAYING THAT THERE WILL NOT BE ANY TYPE OF PLEA DEAL ON THIS CASE!

Mom and Richardson’s grandparents must be charged as well.  How could they have not known what was happening?  There is no way that they did not, you know it as well as I.

Teghan didn’t have a chance in hell to live a normal, healthy, and loving life.  Her mother was the first to let her down – as a mother myself, there is NOTHING that I wouldn’t do to protect my children.  She did not have to leave this innocent baby with a monster like Richardson.  She had options – there are plenty of loving families that would have welcomed Teghan into their homes and families and loved her unconditionally.  Reyes must be held accountable as well.

For the record……Hell yes I am being judgmental!  You should be too!

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