“Army Wives” and Guest Star, Wynonna Judd Speaks Out Against Domestic Violence…

May 24, 2010

“Army Wives” and Guest Star, Wynonna Judd Speaks Out Against Domestic Violence…

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I’m a week behind but I caught up on Army Wives over the weekend and I am elated that the show has once again brought much needed attention to the fact that domestic violence is alive and kicking in all branches of our military.

Ft. Marshall has again experienced a no longer taboo subject, domestic violence once again.  The commanders and spouses come together to support and encourage fellow Army Wife Marisol (guest-star Gina Rodriquez) to be honest about her husband’s abusive actions.

The show captured so many aspects of the violence from the actual assault to the victim trying/wanting to conceal the abuse to the honeymoon phase to the military spouses reaching out to help to the commanders taking a strong stance and much more.  Here watch for yourself…..a powerful message and episode, Army Wives, bringing awareness to domestic violence.

Commending the cast of “Army Wives”, Producers, Wynonna Judd for their support and advocacy.  Thank you.

  1. May 24, 2010 at 4:23 PM

    I feel compelled to write to ad a suggestion that may be a real boost to stopping military domestic abuse.
    Our military is spending a lot of time in combat. our troops are living through traumatic experiences which cause PTSD. Our military knows about PTSD but do not support the troops who while in active duty admit to having it. If a soldier is found to have PTSD, the military will discharge that person as unfit for military duty. This a non honorable discharge. This is a cost cutting discharge because the dishonorable discharge voids the soldiers medical and V.A. benefits. This then is the end of their career in the military. Therefore, soldiers try to hide this until their contract is up and have an honorable discharge. This then brings about DV because of PTSD. Most of the time, the soldier has no control. I compare it to sci fi movies where an entity enters a human body and takes it over. PTSD is not something to be ashamed of. It is a psych problem and the military needs to change their position on PTSD and get needed help for these troops. It would also help if the military were to hold training on what PTSD is and how to recognize it. What the symtoms of it are. Military spouses shold also have this training. Then is when a real reduction of DV in the military will happen.


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