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World Of Dance Competition, 2010 Goes R-Rated…

May 16, 2010

World Of Dance Competition, 2010 Goes R-Rated…

Keyboards have been clicking away, eyes are popping, pedophiles are having a hay day, parents and advocates are raising hell as 8-9 year-old girls shook their booties to Beyonce’s hit “Single Ladies” at the World of Dance competition in Los Angeles last month.  These gals are definitely talented but allowing a R-rated dance routine is destructible on many fronts.

There is such a thing as age appropriate material and the dance moves  that were choreographed for these little girls was not age appropriate.  Booty shaking, bumping and grinding is not age appropriate for 8-9 year olds, bottom-line.  The routine has the girls wearing midriff tops, hot pants and fishnet gloves, it’s not totally the amount of skin that the girls are showing, the performance was explicitly sexual.

It totally blew my mind when I heard the father of one of the little dancers defended the dance on Good Morning America, saying the girls’ performance was “completely normal for dancing” and just “doing something they completely love to do.” Two parents spoke to Inside Edition, expressing shock at the negative reaction and denying that last month’s moves were “overly sexual.”

Young girls are definitely being over-sexualized and the debate over whether little girls are getting too sexy too young is heating up.

“There’s something kind of disturbing about these images, otherwise they wouldn’t be all over the Internet,” says Jay Reeve, a clinical psychologist in Tallahassee, Fla. “It’s pretty clear that this dance is erotic in a way that would be more appropriate for girls post-puberty.”

The girls were most likely unaware of the inappropriate implications of their dance however the dance coach and the parents supporting this kind of behavior is sending the wrong message.  However, now that the girls have been exposed to media, interviewed about their performance, hearing parents speak of their stance – they are center stage, no pun intended.

Vivian Friedman, child psychologist and professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham states, “We’re pushing kids younger and younger to be sexual. The girls are having fun and enjoying the attention they get from it,  but it’s teaching them that the way to get attention is by acting sexual and seductive.”  Reeve agrees, saying that it’s normal for kids to seek attention and approval for exhibiting skills. “People have always admired young ballerinas in scanty costumes, but those performances weren’t explicitly sexual.”

“It’s the same drive that makes a kid want to be a great baseball player or to do impressive tricks on their skateboard.” but in this situation, there are clearly sexual implications for the ‘skills’ they are showing off.”

“When you reward sexual behavior [at this age], they’re probably going to continue to try to gain applause and approval from this type of behavior. You’re coaching them that they are expected to behave in a way that’s prematurely sexual.”

Cory Miller, father of one of the girls, told “GMA”; “The girls weren’t meant to be viewed by millions of people.”  Isn’t this a double standard?  If you have no problem with your daughter dancing, shaking and gyrating then why this comment?  Hello…….It was a competition and everyone carries video cameras as well the use of cellphones to shoot video footage.  Didn’t he think that there was a possibility that his daughter and the others would be “exposed” for the world to see? Daddy needs a wake-up call.  You were damn lucky that you had time to prepare for the repercussion.

The dancing that these young girls performed was approved by the parents and they allowed the dance coach to put it into action.  If Mom and Dad do not have a problem with the “routine” then it must be okay (in their minds). What message as parents of such actions are they sending to their girls as well as other children their age?

As a mother, advocate and safety expert – parents you have sent a loud and clear message to your girls.  The wrong and inappropriate message.

And, to many that find nothing wrong with this provocative routine my contention is that there are way too many men/women (pedophiles) that would “take” advantage of an innocent dance.  Our girls are made to grow up way too fast in many different ways.  Please don’t add fuel to the fire and give perverts more ammo.  Let little girls but little girls.

I completely understand that competitive dancing is a sport and I totally admire the talent and gift.  They are athletes; however as parents and dance coaches you must take responsibility of what is “age appropriate” and act accordingly.

And, addressing this performance as “sexually explicit”; well it is. Appreciating the talents of these young ladies who are gifted, physically fit and committed to dance is healthy and encouraged.  Keeping dance routines to “age appropriate” is the concern.

Unfortunately, there is way too many abductions, rapes and murders happening to our young people for Advocates to just sit back and not be heard.  Everyday we are fighting against exploitation of innocent children. The assailants do not need anymore help of this nature.

Parents it is your responsibility to set an example, make boundaries and draw limits.  The issue is, “What have you and are you exposing your daughter to?”  Our girls are exposed through various outlets (music, movies, television, magazines, etc.) that it is imperative for parents to guide and protect them in all manners.  They are not educated nor have the knowledge of the ramifications of their actions as innocent as they (in their minds) may believe.

All those involved in allowing this routine to be performed from the WOD administration/judges right down to the parents are at fault with no regard to their safety or exposure.  None have done any justice for the well-being or protection of the girls.

The girls deserved to be respected for their talents, they performed what they were instructed and permitted to do.

World of Dance, the dance coach and the parents did step over the line.

  1. mark
    May 24, 2010 at 11:10 AM

    noooooooooo way that is totaly wrong.where is the line?this has to stop.what’s next?

  2. Andy
    May 25, 2010 at 12:48 PM

    Ahh..now that’s just cute! Anyone who thinks that is sexy is just a pervert.

  3. Andy
    May 25, 2010 at 12:56 PM

    of course we have to do everything possible to protect kids so the more important issue is the parent need to clarify the inappropriate sexuality in some dancing and the dangers that can come from it to their kids

  4. March 30, 2011 at 4:15 AM

    I share your concern, Anny. It is as good as inviting a thief into your home through the front door, sitting him down comfortably with a cuppachino while you pack up your possessions. Hell! you even load the truck and wave good bye as he drives off into the sunset with your valuables. No one in their right mind would do this. Then why do we offer our children up to the wolves of society so easily? They are supposed to be our most prized ‘possession’ 😦

  1. May 21, 2010 at 7:18 AM
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