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Urge NFL Commission & Team Owners To Institute New Sexual Assault Awarness Training Program…

May 9, 2010

Urge NFL Commission & Team Owners to institute new Sexual Assault Awareness Training Program.

Targeting: Individual NFL Team Owners and Roger Goodell (NFL Commissioner)
Started by: Lisa Michels

Time after time we hear about an NFL player being accused of sexual assault or domestic violence.

*Lawrence Taylor rape arrest: Ex-Giant accused of raping, beating teen girl in NY hotel
*Ben Roethlisberger Accused of Sexual Assault AGAIN (second allegation in 365 days)
*Former NFL Player Michael Irvin, accused of rape  (Cowboys)
*4 NFL Players Accused with Drugging, then Raping Woman – Dedric Ward, Charlie Batch, Ron Rice and Tyree Tolton
*O.J. Simpson Questioned on Domestic Abuse – (The Washington Post, January 26, 1996)

Need we say more? Enough is Enough. Now can we talk?

These players need to know that issues of violence affect everyone.  Our children look up to and aspire to be like these players.  Therefore, they should be expected to conduct themselves responsibly, promoting good and lawful values to be emulated.

Our goal is not to humiliate or hold a public trial. Our goal is to work with the NFL and the teams in order to educate them on the severity of their actions. Roger Goodell recently issued a memo in regards to the leagues personal conduct policy. It reads:

“The Policy makes clear that NFL and club personnel must do more than simply avoid criminal behavior. We must conduct ourselves in a way that ‘is responsible, that promotes the values upon which the league is based, and is lawful.’ This standard reflects the recognition that the conduct and behavior of our players and other league and team employees is critically important. Whether it involves your team or another, these incidents affect us all — every investigation, arrest, or other allegation of improper conduct undermines the respect for our league by our fans, lessens the confidence of our business partners and threatens the continued success of our brand.
“As your club begins its offseason programs and approaches the Draft, I encourage you to be vigilant in reinforcing this message with your players and staff. It makes no difference whether an incident occurs during the season or in the off-season. At every opportunity, you should remind them of your standards and the public’s expectations, of the need to use good judgment, particularly when in a public place, and of the resources available to help us all in meeting these standards.”

Obviously the commission understands the severity of the issues and that the number of recent complaints are alarming to us all. This shows that additional measures need to be instituted. It is not enough to merely state “this is wrong.” They need to understand first hand how their actions affect victims and society. In order to accomplish this we believe that additional requirements need to be added to the league’s current personal conduct policy.

1. Yearly required Sexual Assault Awareness Training for every player and employee.

– AND –

2. The training should include victims & survivors of sexual assault telling their stories of abuse, the affect it has on their lives and the lives of the people around them. (Examples of organizations: RAINN’s Speakers Bureau, Elite Speakers Bureau.)

– AND –

3. The training should include Men from an organization similiar to “NOMAS” (National Organization for Men Against Sexism) or “Men Can Stop Rape.”  An organization that mobilizes men to use their strength for creating cultures free from violence against women.

– AND –

4. The policy should include financial penalties (preferably not less than 10% of their gross income) to be paid to the local rape crisis center.

Until policies that include education and financial penalties are instituted we see no end in sight. That’s why your support for this petition is urgently needed. Tell the NFL Commission and the Team owners that you support educating and holding these players accountable by signing this petition today.


Thank you for Advocacy and Support.

Via Change.org

Project Safe Girls: Stop Domestic Violence & All Assaults Against Females On Facebook

Help empower females to understand safety awareness, mental and physical self-defense.

  1. jay
    May 9, 2010 at 11:38 AM

    Sexual Assault Awareness? I think these blockheads need is huge legal and financial consequences for sexual assault awareness. It’s not that they don’t care – they don’t think they have to because they are above the laws.

    I applaud what Godell did with Roethlisberger (and I root for the Steelers). The party seems to be over. Now the legal system has to comply.

  2. michellefrommadison
    May 9, 2010 at 9:45 PM

    Any one of those involved, for what ever reasons, could always just walk right into a police station, a fire station, or even call 911 to put an end to their involvement, but they choose to remain involved, including the supposive “victim.” That invalidates the title of being a victim then.

    • May 10, 2010 at 3:52 PM

      Agree….any victim can immediately seek help; with that being said….the influence and the stigma (shame, guilt, dirty, self-blaming, degraded, deserving, “who will believe me?”, and more) that goes with being assaulted and the PTSD often affects the victim in such ways that no one could begin to comprehend often suppresses the ability to report victimization immediately. Being victimized is not a choice; being victimized is solely the responsibility of the assailant. Hence, I totally disagree with your statement of invalidation…no one knows what victimization feels likes/looks like/how you think afterwards UNTIL YOU HAVE WALKED A MILE IN HER SHOES! Kind of like, “those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”.

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  1. May 9, 2010 at 10:07 PM
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