How To Choose A Rape Prevention Class

April 28, 2010

A rape prevention class is about giving women the tools they need to protect themselves. Here’s how to judge which rape prevention class might be good for you.

First, congratulate yourself! When you decide to take a rape prevention class, you are choosing to make yourself more powerful and improve the quality of your life. Rape is not an easy topic, and you’re tackling it. Good for you!

There are lots of different approaches to rape prevention. When you’re considering a particular class, here are some questions I think are important to ask:

1. Was the class developed by women? Is it taught by women? Is the physical aspect of the class taught by males and females? Is it just for women? Many students say they value highly the practical wisdom and supportive atmosphere that comes from shared experience.

2. Is the class the right time commitment for you? Can you afford it? Decide what is practical for you and your budget, and find a class that fits your needs.

3. Does the class deal specifically with rape prevention? With acquaintance rape? Not all self-defense classes address how to make your life safer from sexual assault. And acquaintance rape, which is more than 3/4 of all rape, should be given significant attention.

4. Does the teacher have training and experience both in self defense and in dealing with the issue of rape? Rape prevention is not only about learning to punch and kick. Understanding the issues and the emotions around sexual assault helps you to be prepared and to make life decisions that are appropriate for you.

5. Does the class encourage you to make choices that suit your needs and your style of life? Too often, we simply get told what to do. It’s more effective — and more empowering — if we learn how to make our own choices.

Written by Lis


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    Thank you so much for your kind words, support and advocacy. Please keep in touch.
    Take care and STAY SAFE!

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