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Baby Gabriel Johnson Missing…

January 6, 2010

8-mo. old baby missing, in danger

8-month-old missing, mom arrested; cops say she’s not talking
23-year-old mother Elizabeth Johnson left her Tempe, Arizona home with her 8-month-old son Gabriel Johnson on December 18, headed for San Antonio, Texas, according to local reports. While in Texas, Gabriel was believed to have been seen with his mother at a couple different hotels and allegedly at a six flags amusement park on December 26.

Gabriel Johnson

Gabriel Johnson

That was the last time anyone saw Gabriel Johnson. The following day, Johnson allegedly sends a text message and leaves a voicemail for Gabriel’s father and ex-boyfriend, Logan McQueary, telling him she killed little Gabriel. According to court documents, Johnson told McQueary that Gabriel was in a dumpster in a baby bag, describing the baby as blue colored and dead. Johnson then told McQueary she was planning to leave the country, and would tell McQueary where Gabriel’s body was when she had left. Johnson was arrested 3 days later in Miami Beach, Florida, but there was no sign of Gabriel.

A warrant was issued for Johnson’s arrest 2 days earlier after Johnson failed to show up to a custody hearing for her son. At the hearing, Johnson’s custody rights were revoked and full custody was given to Logan McQueary.

Is Gabriel Alive?
Despite the text and voice messages from Johnson claiming the baby was dead, police say there are indicators Gabriel may still be alive, including evidence that Johnson may have tried to give the baby up for adoption after the disappearance.

An Arizona couple contacted McQueary after the disappearance, asking McQueary to sign adoption papers for Gabriel. The couple, Tammi and Jack Smith, claim immediately after Johnson sent McQueary the text and voice messages saying she killed the baby, Johnson sent the Smiths a text message saying she only did that to get back at McQueary and that the baby was fine.

The Smiths are confident Gabriel is still alive, saying they were in contact with Johnson up until her arrest and could hear Gabriel through the phone in the background. The Smiths say they did not get McQueary involved in the adoption procedures earlier because Johnson told them he was abusive. However, there has been no documented history of abuse by McQueary. McQueary says after Gabriel disappeared, the Smiths tried to convince him into giving up Gabriel.

The Smiths say they were only passing along messages they were getting from Johnson and fully admit what Johnson did was wrong and they were only acting in what they thought was the best interest of the child based on what Johnson told them. The Smiths say they are cooperating fully with investigators and no longer believe the adoption is possible. Police say investigators currently do not plan to charge the couple.

FBI Joins The Case
Local police are working with the FBI to determine if Johnson carried out the murder, as she allegedly claimed to McQueary. Authorities continue to search for Johnson’s car, a white 1995 Oldsmobile Delta-88 with Arizona License Plate # AGZ4214. Police don’t know where Johnson was between leaving San Antonio on December 27 and her arrest December 30.

There is a possibility Johnson may have spent time in Nashville, according to some reports. Johnson remains behind bars awaiting extradition, and cops say she’s refusing to cooperate and tell cops where Gabriel can be found.

History of Violence?
The father, Logan McQueary, says Johnson had threatened to harm Gabriel in the past. During one incident, McQueary claims Johnson hid Gabriel, but told police McQueary had taken him. The baby was found hours later at the home of one of Johnson’s friends after police conducted a search for him.

McQueary had filed an order of protection against Johnson last summer because he said he was afraid Johnson would hurt him and Gabriel. That order was later dismissed after McQueary tried to work things out with Johnson. McQueary claims Child Protective Services has an open case against Johnson, allegedly investigating her for neglect of Gabriel.

Johnson was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage last year after an incident in September where McQueary claims Johnson tore a part of a baby crib, took a knife and cut up baby clothes, and cause over $4,000 worth of damage.

The Break-up
Johnson had broken up with McQueary on December 8…3 days later McQueary filed a request for custody of the child. McQueary says he and Johnson lived together for 2 years but broke up December 8. Johnson then called McQueary the next day December 9, telling McQueary to sign over his parental rights to a couple who wanted to adopt Gabriel.

McQueary refused to sign over his rights, and when Johnson left with Gabriel, she allegedly told McQueary he was never going to see his son again.

If you have any information, please call Tempe Police: (480) 350-8311


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