Days Go By…

December 31, 2009

Shock, pain, emotional distress,
This happens to other people,
to other families, not ours….

Reality sets in,
Hate, dispair, and anger take over,
How could this happen, why did this happen?

Days go by,
Acceptance and strength are surfacing,
Drive and determination take over…

Passing along what we have learned becomes important,
It becomes the focus of each day,
To help others through where we have been…

We made it as the days have gone by,
As the years have gone by, we made it,
It’s forever with us, but it is now strength…

Days go by and it no longer rules,
We rule, we have taken our lives back,
A lot has changed as days go by…..

You took enough, you get no more…
Our lives are different, but our lives are good,
We took our lives back as days go by….

Now our purpose is to help others take theirs back,
You took enough, you get no more,
We are getting stronger as days go by…..

Our voices are coming together as one,
Can you hear us? You will,
As days go by….

Our voice is becoming stronger,
Louder, as days go by,
Our voice is to be heard….

The fear is gone,
We stand as one, strong and unwavering,
We are firm on our feet….

We are one voice, one voice that will no longer be silenced,
One voice that becomes stronger and louder,
As days go by……..

Cathy Parsons Gipson

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