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7 Arrested In Savage Attack On N.J. 8th Grader

December 27, 2009

(CBS) Englewood, NJ

Gang Of 11 Brutally Assault, Break Facial Bones Of Young Honor Student Over What Was Apparent Misunderstanding

Model Student Requires Facial Surgery, May Lose Sight After Teens Jump Him After School

What began as an innocent mistake ended in a vicious attack on a local honor student, reports WCBS’ Christine Sloan.

Police said as many as 11 students beat up the eighth-grader leaving him severely injured, and he may even lose his sight.

CBS 2 HD spoke with some of his friends about what led to the brutal attack.

The incident near a school soccer field was so violent that 13-year-old David Muneton needed reconstructive surgery to his face to correct several broken bones.

His friends at the Janis Dismus Middle School in Englewood are stunned.

“It’s so hard. … I’m his best friend,” Denise Melendez said before breaking down in tears.

Police have arrested seven students from both the middle school and high school, charging them with aggravated assault. The youngest one is just 12 years old.

Investigators said the teenagers jumped Muneton on Friday as he walked home from school to get back at him for an earlier incident during which the eighth-grader accidentally hit a girl with a basketball.

The superintendent said the girl, who has also been charged, led the boys to Muneton, saying “He’s the one.”

“We do know that after the girl made the comment one of the people, the boys, who was with him immediately punched him,” Superintendent Dr. Richard Segall said.

Students at the middle school have made a get well card for the 13-year-old — all of them outraged over what happened.

“He really didn’t deserve to get beat up like that because he really didn’t do anything and it wasn’t intentional that he hit her with a ball,” student Michael Bailey said.

“If I was there I would have told someone,” student Emanuel Doughtery added.

“I wrote I hope he gets better soon,” said student Katherine Saldarriga.

Muneton is recovering at Englewood Hospital. His brother told CBS 2 HD his condition is improving. The assistant principal said the youngster is a model student.

“He is a wonderful young man, actually one of our students who made the honor roll this quarter,” Daniella Bailey said.

As these kids try to make sense of what happened all seven students arrested have been suspended. This coming as police was looking to charge four more teenagers.

Three of the students charged remain at the juvenile detention center in Paramus, while the rest have been released to their parents — two of them required to wear ankle bracelets.

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