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NC Reviewing The DSS, Won’t Be The Last in Shaniya Davis’s Murder

November 24, 2009

As I have posted before…..many individuals, county offices, law enforcement and Shaniya’s school LEFT HER DOWN! Let alone “MOMMY DEAREST”, family members, irresponsible and ignorant friends of her mother’s and the list goes on. In my book, “they weren’t there for her and her well-being”; bottom-line.

Monday, November 23rd North Carolina has announced that “a state team of experts will examine any contact that the Cumberland County Department of Social Services had with the family.

Shaniya was SOLD aa a sex slave AT THE AGE OF FIVE YEARS OLD! by her poor excuse of a mother because SHE HAD A DRUG PROBLEM ALLEGEDLY OWED MONEY FOR SAME. She sold/turned her baby girl over for an alleged DRUG debt that she owed to Mario Andrette McNeill who has been charged with first-degree murder, first-degree rape of a child and first-degree kidnapping. This poor excuse of a man DATED Shaniya’s aunt! Mommy Dearest has been charged with human trafficking, felony child abuse-prostitution, filing a false police report and obstructing a police investigation. Arrest warrants state that “DAVIS DID KNOWINGLY PROVIDE SHANIYA WITH THE INTENT THAT SHE BE HELD IN SEXUAL SERVITUDE” (A SEX SLAVE…..A FIVE YEAR OLD CHILD!) and “DID PERMIT AN ACT OF PROSTITUTION WITH SHANIYA” while in HER CUSTODY. If this woman escapes the death penalty many will personally not understand as Shaniya was in her custody and she knowingly knew what would happen to her child!

There are so many red flags, warning signs, bells and whistles in this sickening, senseless loss of Shaniya from so many respects. How in the hell did this happen?; “How could things have gotten to this?” Others MUST BE HELD accountable for their failures as many failed Shaniya.

1. DSS-I don’t care that she was able to maintain custody of her 7-year old child. Didn’t neighbors suspect anything “off” at this home? Didn’t the property manager sense that something was “fishy” at this home? Why didn’t anyone report to DSS and law enforcement of their “gut feelings”?
2. Shaniya’s school – her mother withdrew her from school and was any attempt to contact her father and/or her aunt as to her absences? I am a mother and if a child does not show up for school one day a phone call is made. For God’s sake………..Antoinette took Shaniya out of school if not immediately after her father handed her over to this MONSTER! Why didn’t the school notify her father/aunt, notify law enforcement, DSS and ultimately pay a physical visit to the home!? In my book…….this was irresponsible.
3. Neighbors and the property manager noticed heavier traffic to and from the home that Shaniya was living. What’s up with that? NOT THE NORM, WOULDN’T YOU THINK?

As for McNeill and Davis I hope that justice is served and that NC pushes for the death penalty of McNeill (for God’s sake with his rap sheet he shouldn’t even had been out on the damn street). As for Mommy Dearest………..she is just as guilty for her daughter’s murder as she was in her custody and she traded her as a SEX SLAVE for a drug debt! Mother’s like this…………..who needs enemies. An innocent child at the hands of this monster. I know that murder charges have not been filed but damn she deserves it.

And, I pray that all of the agencies, family members and Dad/Aunt are investigated as to their responsibilities as THEY ALL ULTIMATELY LEFT SHANIYA DOWN. They left her to fend for herself with NO DEFENSE. Shaniya didn’t have a chance in hell once Daddy turned her over to Mommy Dearest.

As for “DSS being overburdened and underfunded” shouldn’t ease their distress – they missed the boat BIG TIME ON THIS INNOCENT, SENSELESS DEATH of this sweet, innocent child.

It’s really a shame that an innocent life of a precious 5 year-old child had to be the WAKE UP CALL to all, including the public. SAD!

The statistics are alarming with homicides and more of innocent children. I personally have a hard time digesting that DSS agencies received 127,192 reports of child abuse and neglect statewide (NC), and workers were ONLY ABLE TO SUBSTANTIATE ABUSE OR NEGLECT IN LESS THAN 10% OF THE REPORTS. This in itself doesn’t smell or feel right to many of us.

I encourage NC’s Child Fatality Task Force in their endeavor from the team of experts. We plead with you to turn over every stone from EVERY angle.

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  1. Pat
    November 25, 2009 at 2:56 PM

    As the grandmother of a 12 year old grandson who was murdered by his bio father during what was supposed to be a temporary stay I understand much of how this father feels. Chris and his mother, my daughter lived with us for most of his 12 years. Due to bullies at school and the fact Chris was interested in getting to know his father it was decided he should finish the last couple of months in California with his bio donor and stepmother. There he would (we thought) be free of bullies, and in addition get to know his bio donor and his step brother.

    We too made a bad decision even though there was no evidence of violence in this man during his marriage to my daughter, she had kept in contact even speaking to each of the two other wives during their respective marriages. Neither had ever spoken of violence or any other abusive behavior during these conversations. Before Chris was allowed to go I even did an Internet search. Finding nothing about this monster we let him go, actually my husband and I took him to California. Before Chris went with him we watched very closely the interaction between the bio monster and the step brother who was young perhaps 4 years old. Seeing no sign of discomfort from the child and watching how this man handled the little boy we felt things would be ok. We were more wrong than we have ever been wrong before. This beast tortured and beat Chris over 4 days and in the end he was found dead on the floor of his bedroom with a sheet tossed over his body.

    The similarity doesn’t end there, as Sacramento County CPS was familiar with the family, and before Chris died someone even called out of concern for him months before the murder. CPS dropped the ball in Sacramento much like Cumberland County dropped the ball here.

    In California there is a law called sb 39 which requires CPS to release their records when a child known to them dies. North Carolina does not have such a law but I believe it would be a start. Social workers say they have to protect the privacy of the client. When the client is dead they don’t need privacy but we need to keep track of social services so we know whether they are truly doing their jobs. The only people that benefit from this lack of transparency are the social workers and the monsters who kill the children.

    June 2, 2010 at 1:08 AM



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