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Antoinette Nicole Davis appears in court

November 17, 2009

Can you as a mother…………….a parent even fathom the thought of handing over your child to a pimp to get raped and sodomized, selling her child to human trafficking most likely for drug money?  Did she sell her child for a rock of crack?  And who wouldn’t like to wipe the smug look off of McNeill’s face?  I can certainly think of many right now.

Human trafficking stats, source:  Polaris Project

  • 244,000 American children are at risk of child and commercial sexual exploitation
  • 38,600 of approximately 1.6million runaways and thrown away youth are at risk of sexual endangerment and exploitation
  • 12-14 is the average age of first involvement in prostitution
  • 27 million currently in modern-day slavery globally
  • 800,000 trafficked across international borders annually
  • over 161 countries experience trafficking
  • $32 billion is generated in profits from human trafficking

Antoinette Davis turned her own innocent child over to human trafficking monsters for her own selfishness, in reality she killed her child because she sold her child and is ultimately responsible for her murder.   She may not have physically performed the deed, however she is and must be held accountable for Shaniya’s murder.  We have learned also that Antoinette Davis is infact pregnant!  It is not known who the father of the unborn child is to date.

Antoine Davis has been charged in North Carolina with two felony charges and two misdemeanor charges:

  • human trafficking was a class C felony punishable by 261 months in prison
  • felony child abuse for prostitution as it carries a class E felony offering 8 months in prison
  • two misdemeanor charges against her that could carry 60 days each

Additional felony charges are pending upon the formal autopsy report as to the cause of death.  Should she be charged with felony murder she could face the death penalty by lethal injection as North Carolina carries the death penalty.

As Antoinette Davis entered the courtroom of the Cumberland County Detention Center wearing a light tan jail jumpsuit, her eyebrows were that of a confused individual.  Antoinette licked her lips in constant motion as many would during a drug withdraw.  She grew semi-alert when the Judge spoke.

In the days to come when Antoinette Davis might begin to become semi-aware of her actions, many wonder just why a mother could do such a thing to a beautiful daughter.

There is no pity for her actions – she was given a chance to be a “mother” and it only took a month or less for her true colors to shine through.

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