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Rihanna Breaks Her Silence on Chris Brown Saga

November 4, 2009



Wednesday, November 4, 2009, 12:39

Washington, (ANI): Rihanna wants to turn things around after the infamous domestic violence incident involving former boyfriend Chris Brown and shed some light on the reality of domestic violence. The ‘Umbrella’ singer’s ex-beau Brown, 20, assaulted her before the Grammy Awards kicked off in Los Angeles. But now the stunning pop singer is embracing change.

Named with four others “Woman of the Year” by Glamour, the 21-year-old Barbadian singer has said that despite the shame owing to the media frenzy over the incident, she wants to use her experience to make young women aware of the “big secret” about abusive relationships.

“Teenage girls can”t tell their parents that their boyfriend beats them up…It”s one of the things we (women) hide because it”s embarrassing,” CBS News quoted Rihanna as saying. “I want to give as much insight as I can to young women because I feel like I represent a voice that isn”t really heard. Now I can help speak for those women,” she added.

I post the articles above and below with pending questions as well as concerns.

Since Rihanna’s assault became public many felt that she had every opportunity to be a voice for victims of domestic violence if she would have only pressed charges instead of going into hiding.   The impact of her voice would have been a loud message to all, “I DO NOT AND WILL NOT TOLERATE ABUSE”.  This did not happen.  Many were disappointed to see/read/hear that she did not come forward, press charges and then explored rekindling a relationship with Chris.   But then again, this is a very common saga/cycle.  The vicious cycle of domestic violence:


This assault brought national and international attention to domestic violence and abuse but was not the first time between Chris Brown and Rihanna.

We’ve witness Chris Brown trying to salvage his career on national television and in interviews.  Now Rihanna comes forward.

What are the guidelines for picking  “Woman/Women of  the Year” awards given by Glamour?  Glamour choose five women for 2009, Rihanna, Maria Shriver, Michelle Obama, Amy Poehler and Serena.  “They’ve got strength, talent, altruism, humor, and intellect in spades–and did we mention incredible style, to boot?” stated on Glamour’s website.

I pray that Rihanna has come to her decision on her own accord to speak out and not pressured by her award by Glamour nor others (agents and camp).  I pray that this is NOT a ploy to salvage her career but rather be a voice and Advocate for victims of Domestic Violence.  However, Rihanna is still healing as the transition from victim to survivor takes time and everyone heals in their own time.  We all know the impact that Rihanna can/will have on her fans (especially our young people) regarding domestic violence – a considerable impact of awareness only if for the “right” reasons.

However, the mixed signals that were sent to all and now again can be damaging in many ways.  Rihanna definitely has our attention and we are waiting to hear from her lips to our ears what her intentions are.  Any person of fame that advocates for a cause has to be willing to step up and be ready and able to be in the spotlight of their cause.  How will Rihanna handle her role?

Time will tell.

Rihanna Breaks Her Silence on Chris Brown Saga

Rihanna Tells Diane Sawyer: ‘This Happened to Me … It Can Happen to Anyone’


Nov. 4, 2009

After months of silence, pop sensation Rihanna is talking publicly about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, and the February 2009 events that led to his arrest.

For the first time, Rihanna tells her story. Thursday on GMA, Friday on 20/20.

“The more in love we became, the more dangerous we became for each other,” she told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer in an exclusive interview set to air on “Good Morning America” at 7am ET Thursday, Nov. 5. Their full interview will air on “20/20” at 10p E.T. Friday, Nov. 6.

In August, Brown was sentenced to five years of probation, six months of community service and one year of domestic violence counseling for assaulting the 21-year-old pop singer the night before the Grammy Awards.

“This happened to me … it can happen to anyone,” Rihanna told Sawyer in the “20/20” interview, which will also be seen on “GMA.”

Rihanna told Sawyer that Brown was “definitely my first big love” before the dramatic incident, which resulted in the tabloids tearing apart the couple’s seemingly fairy tale relationship.

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