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Consensual Car Jacking? – “Time’s Up!” Blog by Sheryl McCollum

October 7, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Consensual Car Jacking?

By Sheryl McCollum

Consensual Carjacking sounds ridiculous because it is. That is how I feel about rape when I hear it categorized by domestic, stranger, date or statutory. The prelude lessens the crime. When we hear about a rape it’s awful and scary. Some stranger has attacked innocent women. But, when we add the words “domestic”, “date” or “statutory”, we don’t see the crime as awful. We say things like, “well she knew better than to go to his dorm room” or “she at least knew the guy” or my personal favorite “she wanted it”.

Rape should be called Rape! No lead up, no preface, no tags. Just call it rape! Let the jury hear about the relationship between the victim and the accused. Let the justice system do decide the crime and the elements not the media and not the general public.

Roman Polanski is an admitted rapist. He plead guilty. He offered to pay the victim $500,000 dollars in a settlement. He gave the victim alcohol and Quaaludes before the attack. He assaulted her vaginally, anally, and orally before stopping the attack.

Polanski was charged with six felonies, including sodomy and rape, but he plead guilty to a single count of having “unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor” under a plea bargain. The offender entered into a deal that would spare the young victim a public trial and himself jail time. The victim was too young to stand trial but not to young to consent to sodomy with a 40 something year old man? You consent getting a tattoo while your drunk but again a 13 year old girl can consent to intercourse while on drugs and alcohol.

Polanski gave drugs to a minor. He sexually assaulted her numerous ways and gave her alcohol. But Hollywood wants us to believe is was “consensual”. Again, this is my favorite out for a rapist.

A movie director gives drugs and alcohol to a 13 year old aspiring actress. Once the offender and his victim were alone in a home of famous actor he assaults her repeatedly. Fearing that he may do jail time for his crime the director flees the USA for France where he lives for the next 32 years. During this time on the lamb he wins an Oscar for directing. This sounds like a really bad movie. But this is real and worse Hollywood elite are backing this rapist. They say too much time has passed and we should just forget about the crime and move on. Fine, let Charles Mason out then. So much time has passed and he has been turned down for parole so many times. Free Charlie! Then we will talk about Roman!

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