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The View’s Whoopi Goldberg on Polanski ‘It Wasn’t Rape Rape’ – What The Hell Whoopi?!

September 30, 2009

The Motherhood Manifesto


So, adult sex forced on a minor is just rape and not rape rape? I didn’t know that there was a differentiating definition on the term rape. This is news to me! So, glad you enlightened me, because I didn’t want to go through life being angry at male perps for rape rape when I should only be angry at them for rape. After all, I wouldn’t want to sound too harsh against the bastard. I rolled my eyes when you said that. Where was your head?

What got me the most pissed off is when you said, “Would I want my 14 year old having sex with somebody. Not necessarily.” Not “NECESSARILY”? What the hell?!?! I am a mother and I can assure you that if any adult ever even thought of having sex with my children at 14 years old….there would be hell to pay! So, my answer is, “OH HELL NO!!!!!!!”

To top it off, you use culture differences to play down that perverted criminal’s choice to rape that poor girl! How sick! In any culture it’s a violation of a minor’s human rights to be raped…PERIOD! Hell Whoopi, what if a white man from a culture that deemed it okay to drug and force a black person to be a prisoner in his home, so that he can use this black person as a slave? Would his cultural difference justify or minimize his criminal act against that black person?

Not to mention, try telling that poor little girl….”Honey, I know that you feel violated and what’s been done to you is wrong. But, you need to learn to accept that this as not “necessarily” a bad thing. Because, in some cultures this is perfectly normal and accepted.” Whoopi, you really messed up here and I am seriously believing now that you are messed up! Totally messed up!

I used to watch your show and I used to think you had at least your basic moral values and had a pretty straight on head with controversial issues. Now, I don’t think I could ever watch The View ever again without wanting to push my entire body through the screen just so I can get in your face and tell you just how disgustingly sick I think of you now. You have definitely more than dissapointed me. You shocked the hell out of me.

Take care and STAY SAFE!
Anny Jacoby
A Success Survivor
“Raising female awareness and skills to reduce susceptibility in response to violence.”

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