September 28, 2009
Pregnant WomanAnyone can become a target of a violent attack or assault. Women who are pregnant are at an exceptional risk due to the fear of harm to their unborn child. The instant response to an assailant is, “Please don’t hurt my baby!” They become frozen in fear.

There are ways to defend yourself and your unborn child from an attack or assault. First and foremost, try not to put yourself in harm’s way. Be aware of your surroundings and of any situation that could possibly be dangerous or a threat. There are those out there who would harm you to take your child. NEVER FORGET THIS. You have to begin to protect your child the moment she/he is conceived.

All people are not kind and gentle. Many people will approach and try to befriend pregnant women with other intentions. We are hearing more and more of these tactics today. You must remain aware and pay attention. You must pay attention, do not meet new acquaintances by yourself or in unpopulated locations. Personal safety/self-defense is the same for all females, pregnant or not. Only trust those who you have known for a long time, even before you were pregnant. You have to follow your instincts (gut feelings) about people; pay attention to the warning signs of a potential assailant.

Pay attention to your environment when you are out in town, especially at the obstetrician’s office. Scan the parking lot, and check out the people who are there when you arrive and leave. If you feel uncomfortable, follow those instincts! Ask security to walk you to your car, if the building does not have security call the police and let them know that there is a strange person or vehicle around your doctor’s office and you feel that you may be in danger. Consider asking your significant other or a family member to go with you to your appointments.

Darlene Haynes, eight months pregnant may have had a fighting chance against Julie Corey, an acquaintance. Darlene Haynes was found dead in a closet in her apartment wrapped in a blanket. Autopsy reports revealed that her baby girl was cut from her womb and that she suffered head injuries. Julie Corey faked a pregnancy to friends and family

. Corey told acquaintances that she delivered the baby at an undisclosed hospital, and was showing the newborn off to acquaintances. Friends became a little concerned about how she got home so early after just giving birth. Police were alerted by acquaintances who became suspicious of Corey’s claims that she had just given birth, and then heard the news about a neighbor whose dead body was found in a closet, with a fetus removed from her womb.

Corey was arrested at a homeless shelter in Plymouth, NH (130 miles from Worchester, Mass.) in connection with Darlene’s death and kidnapping her baby girl from her womb, “The baby had a ribbon tied around the umbilical cord — not your normal umbilical cord-severing device.” The baby girl is reported to be in good condition reported last Thursday.

A pregnant woman can protect and defend herself, knowing the warning signs and obtaining the knowledge of how to physically defend oneself is crucial.

Please keep Darlene’s family and newborn daughter in your thoughts and prayers.

Take care and STAY SAFE!
Anny Jacoby
A Success Survivor
“Raising female awareness and skills to reduce susceptibility in response to violence.”
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